American Students’ Photos

Will M

virtual culture exchange

This is a view from my porch in Marblehead, Massachusetts. I live on the town harbor, where people keep their boats. -Will M.

Andrew H.


This is the view from my bedroom window. I took this picture from outside of my window because I spend a lot of my time doing homework and other things in there. When I lay down on my bed this is the view I can see, and in the fall when the leaves have changed colors it is a very soothing view. – Andrew H.

Michaela M.

iPhone Image 96FE99

This is the view from my driveway across the street at a salt marsh. – Michaela M.

Kripa P.


This is the view from my drive way looking across the road. -Kripa P.

Lily G.

iPhone Image 85F95C

This Is the view from my window at my house. It is right of the deck so you
can see the water. -Lily G.

Hannah F.


This image is for after a snowstorm. The humming birds sugar water is frozen. -Hannah F.


Ben M.


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