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  1. Thursday, January 17:
    Present: Mrs. Lehrer, Ben, and Kripa

    Discussed new WordPress site and next steps for museum

    Museum to be in DWC or Lobby right after spring break. The museum will include a description of culture and our VCE project as well as images from Kasisii, Brooklyn, and Brookwood. In addition we will display images from “Our Front Door” w/ Brazil. There may be a possible 3rd connection with Spanish speaking students in Lawrence (contact Mrs. Woodruff) and/or Aouda (Brookwood’s exchange student)

    Kripa sent out email to group on how to login to WordPress site and then agreed to add content with Ben to our page on culture.

    Discussed that we need to move content from Google Doc and Wiki page to WordPress

  2. Thursday, January 23
    Present: Kripa, Ben, and Mrs. Lehrer

    Looked at WordPress and discussed how to make additions to different sections

    Mrs. Lehrer will work on permission for photos from Brazil, Uganda, and Brookwlyn to be posted on our web-site and for location of museum at Brookwood (either DWC or Lobby)

    Vimeo link needs to be moved to collaboration page of Skype phone call

    Mr. Lenci to reorganize Exchange pages

    All students to take 3rd picture and post to museum section. Remember to use a camera not a phone; we need quality for the enlargements for the museum. You will need to compress to post, but save another copy for museum that is not compressed.
    Consider both of the following when taking your photo: 1) What are the concrete comparisons that can be made and 2) What are the more abstract comparisons to be made
    For example, in the photos of the rabbit and pictures of endangered animals (panda etc..) one could make comparisons about animals, color etc… but we could also make a statement about captivity vs. free, reverence for the endangered vs. indifference for the mundane, utility vs. comfort etc.., distance vs. closeness with the animal world, etc..

    When you make an addition share w/ group it will encourage further additions

  3. Friday, January 24 (an abbreviated session)

    Present: Willie, Andrew, and Mr. Lenci

    We took a look at the WordPress site, which Willie and Andrew had not yet seen. Then checked out the Kasisii/Bronx photos to see the more concrete and the more abstract connections among them. Willie and Andrew are fired up to take some photos!

  4. Thursday, February 6
    Present: Mr. Lenci, Ben, Krippa, Eric Calvo, and Mrs. Lehrer

    Eric Calvo shared a mini-lesson on how to take an engaging picture. Consider vantage point, rule of thirds, Iconography (image that means something to you), vertical/horizontal lines in your subject. We took some pictures and reviewed how to upload. See Museum exhibit page for ideas. A few tips: 1) use the media button rather than dragging the image, 2) don’t use your phone, and 3) if you adjust size or compress for site remember to save a copy for Eric to print of highest quality
    Also, check out due dates. We need everyone to take 3 pictures this week!

  5. We met as a class to discuss initiative, innovation, and creativity.
    Mr. Lehrer’s challenge to all groups is to take advantage of this opportunity to own the GAP project and not rely on teachers for directions, deadlines, and ideas. There are very few chances at school to set your own goals, design your own project, and implement your own real world project. This is it!

  6. February 25
    Kripa and Ben learned how to create galleries for the Museum section of the page.
    Check out how images from Kasiisi Project, Brooklyn, and Brookwood compare.
    Let us know what you think by posting a comment
    We discussed next steps

    February 26
    Andrew wrote to David Archer of the Korea International School and Carrie Woodruff to recruit additional communities to add to our “From Our Window” collection
    Andrew took 3 pics for exhibit and edited captions
    Mr. Lenci- confirmed size of pics w/ Elizabeth Ross
    Mrs. Lehrer- updated goals & minutes
    We discussed next steps and keeping momentum going

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