Goals/Next Steps

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  1. Goals:

    Mrs. Lehrer:
    To contact Mrs. Fox regarding location of museum
    To contact Mrs. Black regarding Rwanda trip and additional images in museum
    To follow-up with Mrs. Woodruff regarding Lawrence students and our museum

    Pick an image from the Kasisii/Brooklyn group of photos. Consider what is being compared. What picture would you take to make a final comparison? Take the photo and post to museum section.

    Add to definitions/traits of culture- takers?

    We need to move content from Wiki and GoogleDocs to appropriate sections- takers?

  2. Goals:
    Next week we will have students finish captions of From Our Window
    And students will write a few sentences to describe what this project means to them

    Mrs. Lehrer:
    Send emails to Mr. Archer and Mrs. Woodruff, and to invite them to join our project
    follow-up with Mrs. Black
    Add Link to All of the Kasiisi/Brookwlyn Photos possibly through Google Docs
    Send Pics to Eric to print

    Mr. Lenci:
    Will contact Elizabeth Ross regarding size of pictures & possibly pick-up
    Will contact Mr. Lepain regarding bar codes

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