Lasting Thoughts

What would you like visitors to think about after they have viewed this exhibit? What do you hope they walk away with?

7 thoughts on “Lasting Thoughts”

  1. I would like people to think about how the lives of people everywhere are very similar, but very different at the same time. I would also like them to get a better understanding of peoples lives who live across the whole world

  2. I would like viewers to walk away with new perspectives on daily life. I would like them to understand the difference between our lives, and the lives of both kids and adults across the world. It is important we do not simply present our photos, we must leave them with questions, ideas, and how they can get involved in our Virtual Cultural Exchange.

  3. I honestly want visitors to take in all the meaning of our work and the project. I want them to connect with the pictures that they see and compare and contrast them. I want them to find the similarities and relate to them and really take in the beauty of each picture.

  4. I would hope that each visitor can think of a fourth picture to add. If they can do that, they really understand what the photos are trying to show them about culture and then they photos mean something more than just being really cool photos.

  5. our culture is more modern. If we could add a fourth photo for brookwood we could put another pet like a turtle or cat. We are ALS eyeing animals no matter if they are photos or pets or wild.

  6. The climates are really different. In Uganda, the dirt roads are really dry, a sign of a hot place. In Uganda the people really use what they have to its fullest extent. The roads are really different to. In Uganda the roads are dirt, in the Bronx, there are normal streets, at Brookwood, the courtyard is stone.

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