What has this project inspired you to think about?

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  1. This project has inspired me to think about different cultures, and different peoples ways of living. I have also thought about how my life and the lives of kids at Brookwood, are so similar in ways, but also very different than the lives of kids in Brooklyn and Kasiis. This project has inspired me to relate with other people throughout the whole world.

  2. This project has inspired a lot over the past couple of months we have been working on. I am very excited to teach the little kids at Brookwood school about our project and I think that it has inspired me to want and spread the learnings all over. Also it has inspired me to think about culture and how citizens think about culture today. I have seen so many things from the pictures that are different and alike and it has inspired me to regard all things in our world like that.

  3. This project has inspired me to communicate with kids from other countries. I have realized that these kids act just like us, and they live very similar lives to ours. It also fascinates me how different our lives are. We eat different food, we wear different clothes, and we live in very different environments.

  4. Sam: how different the three places are. Their food has difference.

    Abby: don’t have electric stuff, like a stove. Kasiisi has less luxuries.

  5. How much work they have to into getting food. Kasiisi takes a long to time to get food. Their food is grown or bought. The Bronx just goes to the supermarket. Brookwood food is already prepared and fresh.

    Both Brookwood and Kasiisi seem to have really fresh food. The Bronx gets food from the grocery store that might be so fresh.

    Kasiisi use a rock/ clay stove. They need to get wood to make a fire. Contributing to the hard work of getting food.

    Brookwood has a lot of produce. Kasiisi has also produce. The Bronx has dairy and snacks. The Bronx has not as much to store food due to being apartments;

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