Project Description

Let’s pretend someone walked up to the museum exhibit with no context for what he or she was seeing. How would you describe the display?

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  1. I think that every single picture is different to every person. Their relationships vary for every set of pictures so it would be hard to really describe their relationships. However, if I was to generalize our project I would say that the project is a way to compare and contrast different cultures all over the world. For example: one prompt was what you see out your window. For students in Brazil, they saw cities and skyscrapers but students at Brookwood see water and snow. It is a way for students to communicate with each other through pictures and for other people to see and comment.

  2. In this project we are trying to compare and contrast the lives of others to our own. We have been taking pictures to contrast other pictures that we have seen from other kids. There has been pictures of food, friends, family, transportation, school, and many more interesting photos. We are working with two schools, one in Brazil and one in the Bronx. Although there are a lot of similarities, there are also many differences. We are trying to learn about different cultures through only looking at pictures.

  3. You can see the different types of transportation and the different roads. We have a lot of traffic but they don’t. We also have cars but they have mother cycles and bikes.

  4. It’s interesting to see the differences between the three schools, especially to notice how different the wealth is and how busy the envionrmnent seems to be. Another difference that we noticed is he temperature around the school and how it varies.

  5. They all have some sort of power line, and at brookwood we have artificial grass, in ugnda they have huge fields, and in the Bronx theybhave no fields at all.

  6. It’s amazing how no matter how far away each of these places are from each other, the photos can all relate in some way. We noticed how the tress in the background, are all used for different purposes. For example, the trees are used for wood to make a fire to cook food, but also just for decoration.

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