Project Description for Children

How would you describe this project to a younger student– a boy or girl of six or eight years, let’s say? Lay out the purpose of the project and the meaning of the visual display in a way that would make sense to a lower schooler.

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  1. Our group is trying to talk to to other kids in different countries around the world. We have a website which allows us to talk to each other, because we can’t call them on phones. Post a comment to say what you think about connecting with other countries.

  2. In this group we are also trying to learn about other children our age does during a day. What do they eat? What do they wear? Can they just open up a fridge and get food or do they have to get up earlier and prepare there meals? As a group we are right now connected to a school on Uganda and a school in Bronx. Though we really want to add more schools to this global connection. Working with these two schools is amazing and we really want to expand our horizons and meet more schools.

  3. We have been receiving pictures from a school in Brazil and the Bronx. We have tried to take similar pictures to the ones we have seen from the other schools. Our group members have compared pictures of food, friends, family, transportation, housing, and much more interesting things. We have found similarities and differences between all of the schools.

  4. I would say that the purpose of this project is to bring out the differences and similarities of different cultures around the globe. When you take three photos all trying to portray something like “food” or “animals” and put them side by side, it really allows the viewer to see just how different (or similar) people live their lives.

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