How do you see this project connecting to other experiences you’ve had at Brookwood? Consider classwork you’ve done, not only this year but also in years past. Think about other experiences, too, such as field trips or service work you’ve completed. Is this project unique, or does it echo other Brookwood experiences?

7 thoughts on “Connections”

  1. This year in Spanish class we have been working with our “pen pals” from Lawrence. Our Pen Pals at Lawrence are from all kinds of different Spanish speaking countries from around the world. Just like in this project we are communicating with the students and learning about each others life styles and about their religion, how they spend their free time, about their families. This is exciting because it allows you to understand that people from all around the world are so similar and how people from a school from Lawrence which isn’t very far from us are so different. This is also just the beginning of collaborating with these students. Throughout our work with these students we have learned many similarities like, some of the food we eat the things we wear, but we have also learned so many differences about each other. This influences the need to travel to these places and see places in person. Throughout both projects we have learned so many things about how different and similar other parts of the world are.

  2. I think that this project is completely unique, although it does have a few connections to other projects at Brookwood. Never have we had a museum that shows different students views of the world in different cultures. However, in the past we have had exchanges in words with schools in Africa using Skype which is somewhat similar to the ways we have been communicating with leaders of this project. In art class, there have been photography assignments where we take pictures through a week in our life. If we had had another culture to compare their normal week to ours, it would be more like this project.

  3. I also see a distinct connection to the work these students did last year in their history class, as they collaborated with students at a school in Tennessee. Just as the photos in the VCE project reveal a host of differences– and commonalities– across geography, so too did the dialog with Battle Ground Academy.

  4. I have been a part of many global and local exchanges at Brookwood. Brookwood has stressed the idea of comparing our lives, to others. Not only comparing and researching, but communicating by taking advantage of our technology, that most schools do not have access to. Most recently in Spanish we have taken part in a “pen pal” exchange with a public school in Lawrence. Geographically we live quite close, however I’ve learned daily lives are different in many different aspects.

  5. In the three Picts you can see how people dress and what their school looks like! You can also see the weather in the different places which effect how they dress.

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