A Model to Consider

This will not be the first time Brookwood has staged a museum-like display of visuals meant to compare and contrast our lives with the lives of those far away. Two years ago (exactly two years before this posting was written), we used the bulletin boards in the lobby to display Afghan and American illustrations of our lives. You 8th graders were in sixth grade, so you may have a vague recollection of this. There is absolutely no reason to feel that the project you are designing should be like the one that we did a couple of years ago, but sometimes it’s nice to have a model to refer to when you’re trying to create something new.

We used these boards:

Wide angle

We used two of the PGD essential questions– “Who are we?” and “Who are they?” to frame the experience of looking at the photos.

PGD Questions

We created a header to give an overview of the project:

Display Directions

And, of course, we posted a bunch of illustrations. Here are a couple of examples, one from Afghanistan:

Afghan Example

One from our Brookwood community:

American Example

Finally, we invited our older students to engage in an online discussion about what they had seen, using a website called “TIGEd.”

TigEd image

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