Definition of Culture

How would you define culture?

Culture can be defined in many different ways for example webster’s dictionary defines culture as:

the beliefs, customs, arts, etc., of a particular society, group, place, or time.

This isn’t the only definition of culture.

How do YOU define culture?

5 thoughts on “Definition of Culture”

  1. I see culture being made up of the attributes of culture:

    -religion/ beliefs
    – arts
    -gender roles
    -interactions/ social gatherings

    I also see culture being defined as a place where you fit in and feel safe.

    Cultures also have the abilities to mixed. Such as someone celebrating Christmas and Hanukkah. They believe and both Christianity and Judaism; both religions that I believe are defined in culture.

    1. Culture is about a variety of things and it is hard to define it as one thing. To me, the biggest things of culture are language, religion, place, and the arts. So many different cultures bring many different things to life. Every culture is different, which makes it difficult to define.

  2. Culture is a variety of different things, with a variety of different people. Because of this, it is hard to define the attributes. However, it involves a lot of things that Hannah has covered above. The most important things to me are the arts, language, place, and religion.

  3. I agree with Lily. I feel that because there are so many cultures that it is hard to define culture. I think there are vague things that can define culture with. But unless you are talking about a certain culture, it is hard to define it.

    1. Yes, absolutely and also sub-cultures. We all belong to many different cultures simultaneously. We possibly belong to a national culture, a Brookwood culture, even a team culture etc… We may speak, dress, act differently at school than we do when we are with, for example, our soccer teammates. We do something called “code switching” as move across these different groups we belong to. Check out this link for the reasons why we do this: Anyone have any examples of this in your life?

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