Attributes of Culture

What are the different elements that combine to create a certain culture?


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  1. What are the attributes of culture?

    -religion/ beliefs
    – arts
    -gender roles
    -interactions/ social gatherings

  2. What are the attributes of culture?

    An example of culture that is two attributes are clothing and gender roles. An example of gender roles and clothing is in many Muslim countries, women are made to were burqas. Women are the ones that wear the burqas when they go out; men don’t wear burqas. Its part of their culture that is done everyday.

  3. What are the attributes of culture?

    More attributes I thought of were:

    -Intellectual Achievement
    -Their Philsophies

  4. Some things that can contribute to the attributes of culture are things such as:

    – Wealth
    – Social Standing
    – Geographic Location
    – Education
    – Media

  5. Attributes of Culture:

    – Family
    – Religion
    – Geography
    – Economics
    – Education
    – Military/Government
    – Food
    – Language
    – Music/Arts

  6. What are the attributes of culture?
    – Celebrations

    An example of a celebration in one of my “cultures” is that we are Swedish and every Christmas we always have the same Swedish meal.

    Here are some of the things we eat:
    -Korv, a sausage type dish

    -Silta, fish

    -Brown Beans (they have a special name but I can’t spell it)

    -Swedish Meatballs

    -Swedish Farmers Cheese

    Finally for dessert:
    -Kram, a jam with whipped cream on top

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