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Who are we? BGA

BGA Students, please respond to the posts by Brookwood and include any information about how you enjoyed the intro videos, etc. Continue the dialogue!


  1. I’m really sorry for saying all of those words that y’all got offended at. I really don’t think that anyone actually meant them. most kids in our class were trying to be funny when they said that, but it came out as rude. they really weren’t meant at all. sorry!!!

    • We all said things on these wordles. They weren’t meant to be hurtful, (at least I don’t think they were) they were just the first thing that came to you’re mind. What I want to know is do you really think you were wrong with the things you said on the wordle, or are you just apologizing because you are scared you offended someone? It’s ok if it is the second one but don’t take back you’re opinion until you’re proven wrong. You all have very intelligent opinions.

  2. I feel as the North isn’t a very rude nor snotty place as a whole. Some people in our class were just being childish and said those things. Sorry if we offended you guys it wasn’t meant to come out the way.

  3. I’m really sorry for saying all of those rude comments on are wordle I thought that no one would see it. When I was thinking of rude people I was really meaning the big cities because they seem to always to be in a rush. We really didn’t mean all the rude comments on the wordle. Now that I read it I feel that we didn’t really mean all of those things. Sorry!

    • I feel like the there really isn’t much to apologize about. I really didn’t take what you guys said personally at all. I feel like everyone in our grade had very extreme reactions. Being raised I have taken lots of criticism so I have learned to just take it. I feel like everyone in our grade does not quite have the capability to take criticism or mean comments that other people can. You guys don’t have to feel bad about saying anything. I understand that some of you guys may have been trying to be funny. I guess we may have taken ours a little seriously.

    • In all honesty, the rude people seem to be in a rush because they are. There are a lot of people in the city, so we have to plan ahead and make sure the plan works if we want to get somewhere on time. I guess those people, including me, have just learned to know that the other people who seem to be rude are just in a rush like the rest of us.

  4. I know this is kind of random but what kind of food do you guys normally eat in the north? Like in the south my family eats stake sometimes, burgers, spaghetti, etc. What places do you go out to eat?

  5. I’d apoligize like everyone else, but I didn’t say any of those offensive things. I was born in the north, and my parents are both from the north, and despite the fact that I’ve lived in TN for almost 10 years, I’m not a southerner. I’m also not a northerner. I was raised like a northerner and was not taught to say “yea ma’am” and “no sir” and stuff like that, but I went to school in the south and my teachers expected a higher level of respect than my parents or grandparents do. For example, at school if a teacher wants me to do something I’ll say “yes ma’am” or “yes sir” but I don’t think I’ve ever said that to either of my parents. It’s weird talking about this because I’m almost like a 3rd party watching all this stuff happen and I’m really not sure what to say.

  6. I sincerely apologize for our wordle. We kinda just thought of these words as a joke and we did not think someone else would see them. I know some of our words were quite random or offensive to you, but they are kind of just the first thoughts to pop into our heads. I have never been to Massachusetts and you guys seem super nice! I think it would be cool if we could all meet up for this project. I do have a question though that I think all us BGA students are thinking.. Why did you think of the word “death” when asked about the south?

    • I understand. We as well didn’t expect another class to see those words. I think we all need to deepen our understanding for each other and we will soon learn more about each other. I have no clue who believes in death in the south.

    • My friend Pickle (yes, that is his nickname and what we call him) said it made sense since about the entire civil war happened in the south, meaning a lot of death took place there. I’m sorry this was put on the wordle, we don’t think this about the south in the present.

  7. I feel bad about our wordle. It showed the great stereotypes some people have about the north and y’all have about the south. I’m sorry about that, I jumped to conclusions before I even knew any of you. I sincerely apologize.

    • It’s really okay! We did the exact same things! We obviously jumped to stupid conclusions but when you think about we are all pretty similar… Just because we live far away form each other, doesn’t mean that we are rude and you guys are rude or you guys are pro-slavery. We all are teens and stuff so what’s the big difference?


  8. Some of what we said in our wordle were harsh, and I apologize. I don’t think we should have jumped to the stereotypes. We were brought up differently, and live in different environments. I’m sorry that we jumped to conclusions.

  9. I would like to apologize for any rude things anyone here sayed. I don’t want to be that guy who goes like “I DID’NT SAY THAT!!!” but it is true. I was born and raised in the north. So some things that were said to thr northerners could affect me. So… let me just keep it short, sorry for anything rude that was said and thank you fir understanding.

  10. I apologize for our wordle. No one even knew that this would be shared with another school, and I know as a student of BGA we weren’t trying to hurt anyone’s feeling most of us were just saying the first thing that came to mind.

  11. I apoligize for the words that my class matemates and I mentioned in our wordle. Although we did not know this was going to be posted or that people from the north were going to be able to see it. Most of the things we said were stereotypical just like yall said about us. Also, we were describing the north as a whole, including the streets where people can be rude and schools like Brookwood where everyone seems very nice. My classmates and I have apologized countlessly for the things we have said, but I would like to learn more about each of the schools and regions, so that our visions of the north can be different. So I would like to know how yalls school works. Like BGA has a block schedule so we don’t see all of our classes each day and we have late starts on Tuesdays. So what is a regular school day like for yall?

    • We have a schedule that we follow for everyday. Our classes start at 8:30 and finish at 2:15, (except mondays we finish classes at 2:00). Then at 2:15 we either have sports or study hall. Then at 3:00 we again have either sports or study hall. We have a schedule that tells us what we have 1st, study hall or sports. On fridays we finish school at 3:00 and every other day 4:00. We have 15 minute recesses on Tuesday and Wednesday. On Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays we have 30 minute recesses. Our classes are 45 minutes long and we have all the regular classes, history, english, math and science.

    • What is your normal schedule like? Around where we live 8am to 4pm (our normal day) is quite long. Most of my friends get out at 2:15 or 3. Also quite a few of us live up to an hour away from school so we get home late, I get home at 5:30 most days.

      • We do a block schedule. We start school at 7:50 and we get out at 3 then we have the option to go to sports or home or whatever. During the day we have 6 class periods. In total we have 8 classes but we only meet six a day. So all the classes rotate throughout the week. We all have a study hall as a class period during the day. Our classes are 40 minutes long except the block period which is 70 minutes. After the first two classes, we have a 15 minute break, and before the very last class we have a 30 minute break.

  12. About the manners thing, I have lived in Franklin my whole life and have been at BGA since sixth grade. A lot of it comes from help because I remember the lunch lady would sit there and stare at my until I said please. Sometimes I didn’t know what she was doing so I would just walk away. It took me a while to realize how important people thought manners were. I usually like to watch football, hunt and just mess around on my farm. Do ya’ll hunt up there?

  13. Im sorry for some of the words on the wordle some just apply to certain people. I was wondering what is your guys favorite meals seafood,meat,pasta,pizza what is your favorite list whatever you want to. I grew up in the north and i wonder if you guys like the same food, hobies etc as I am now in the south.

  14. I would like to apologize for anything rude I/we said. Most everything was more of a sterostype, very few of us actually first hand expierenced what was in our woordle. Also you said the samething about how your woordle about the south was mostly sterotypes and you apologized which I would like to thank you for. Most of us play sports and are competitive. I also like to watch shows on Netflix and so do my friends. I was wondering what you like to do?

  15. Apparently I’m supposed to talk about myself.

    I’m Nolan, and I’m a 13-year-old guy who is moderately cool and an all-around okay guy. I don’t like sugar coating everything. I tell everyone how it is. Some annoying people here think I’m being mean, but really, I’m just pointing things out the way they are. The people around me are really easily annoyed, and that’s quite frustrating. But enough about those other people. I play drums and stuff and I’m pretty good at it. In fact, everyone insists on annoying me about that. It’s quite frustrating. I also am good at some other activities, including eating, procrastinating, playing games, and sitting down. Apart from that, there’s not much else to say. Pizza is cool too I guess.


    • I play the drums as well and like you consider myself moderately cool. But I was wondering what kind of music do you like to play and when did you start. also i consider myself a a varsity eater My name is actually Pickle by the way i’m not joking if you were wondering.

      • he isn’t joking. I play the piano, the bass guitar, and the guitar a little. When I think of southern music I think of lots of county and banjos. Is that true?

        • Ya we got the Grand Ol’ Opry but a lot of my friends are not actually all into country music. I like rap, pop, dub step, and maybe a little bit of country but that’s about it! And there are a lot of music players at BGA. Like I sing, lots of people play guitar, piano, drums, etc. what are some of the extracurriculars you guys do after school?

      • I play the cello and saxophone, and I am wondering what instruments do you guys play is the south. Lots of the kids at Brookwood play drums and guitar. I am wondering what kind of music you guys in the south enjoy playing and listening to.

    • On the weekends we do different things depending on the seasons.Since it is currently winter,and most of us are part of a snowboarding or ski team we usually go up to the mountains where we ski with family or take part in races.Some of us are also take part in soccer teams and basketball teams and have games and practice all through out the weekend.

      • To add on to Marcella, we do play soccer and basketball during the winter, despite the cold weather. For the majority of our games and practices we play inside. Although I do have a soccer tournament coming up in New York that takes place on turf fields outside. I was wondering if you play sports outdoors all year round or if you have to move inside too?

    • I play tennis, sail and badminton in the Fall and Summer, In the Winter and Spring I ski every weekend. I kinda like being at home and it is annoying to drive 4 hours every friday and sunday home. On the weekends that I am home, I have friends from school over and we play video games or go to the pool, pretty much the same as you guys in the south.

    • Right now, I mostly play hockey, and sometimes ski. Three days a week I have hockey practice, and games on the weekend. A lot of people up here, including me play lacrosse in the spring.

  16. I would like to apologize for all of the stereotypes we said, and realize many of them aren’t true.
    Where do y’all consider, geographically the “south” to begin for me it’s West Virginia and Kentuck-ish?
    Also who are y’all’s favorite artist ( as in musicly )

  17. Like everyone else, I’m just going to say that I’m sorry for us calling you guys rude and stuff. It was all just us messing around. (Especially the whole inferior thing.) Also, you guys shouldn’t feel so bad about your wordle, since ours was just as bad, maybe even worse.

  18. I’m sorry for what we said in our wordle, we did not think about anyone other than us seeing it. So we said some offensive stuff with no regard to a northern citizen. For example inferior and superficial were just things we said to be funny and have a laugh about, also we just took stereotypes like rude because it is one of the things that first pop in to our heads, we did not mean to dirrect that towards you in any way and for that I’m sorry. Further more we did not think of the consequences that would come from it, so for that I’m sorry of anything that was to offend you.

  19. I do feel bad for putting some of the odd ball words in the wordels but I have been to Philadelphia and New York and some of the words like rude are true for some people but not all sorry if we offended you.

    • In big cities lots of people are rude when they are on the street. This is because it is a defense mechanism. It keeps people away from them because they are not approachable. This helps keep people away from them so they don’t get mugged or worse.

  20. Everyone has been talking a lot about why we think the North is rude. In every single movie, TV show, and other pieces of media, Northerners are depicted with heavy accents and willing to pick a fight for the smallest of reasons. Those stereotypes are what caused us to write down “rude” and “mean.” I’m sorry if we offended you, and I know I speak for everyone when I say we had no idea these would be shared. Have a good one, y’all.

    • Yeah, even when I watch TV shows that take place in the north it shows us as rude, but thats just for dramatic effect. So I understand why you would see the north as rude.

  21. A few of the things we said were over the top like superficial, but having been to the north many times I know that some of the words like rude are true for a lot of people (not necessarily you). Also how big is your school, in one of the videos you guys posted it looked pretty large?

    • The part of the school you saw in the background of the video was the front lobby and the fourth and fifth grades. In the hallway where the video was taken, there is the sixth, seventh, and eighth grades. Third grade and below are on the opposite side of the school. I hope this gives you a better understanding about our school.

  22. I would also like to apologize for any words in the wordle that offended you. Sometimes people are raised with stereotypes of places they know nothing of, which doesn’t mean that those stereotypes are true, and it certainly does not mean that the people saying them truly believe what they are saying either. I think classmates on both ends of the spectrum, when asked about the other side, put stereotypes because that is what we first think of. While not knowing what we were saying would be shown to y’all, I think we jumped the gun and said stuff before we thought about it. I don’t think that any of us meant that ALL of the northerners are rude. Sorry if that was unclear. I would love to know what y’all like to do in your free time!!!

  23. First off, I would also like to apologize for the “rude” wordle and the rude comments. It is just a stereotype for us to think that the north is rude. I’m sure y’all are very nice. When we think of the north we think of New York (as in the wordle) and when we think of New York, we think of them being rude. Like y’all calling us hilbillies, rednecks, etc. it does offend us in a way. But, we are VERY sorry for all of the controversial over the wordle. Anyways, I would like to know if Brookwood is very strict on clothes or rules or anything like that. We have to wear uniforms and we have a honor system that is pretty strict.

    • We have a dress code: we have to wear a colored shirt ( Polo shirt) No jeans, no sweatshirts inside, no hats inside, In the summer our shorts have to be as long as our fingertips reach.What does your uniform look like? We also have a code of ethics. We have to sign it every year. It consists of things like: Taking responsibility for each other and things like that. What does yours consist of?

      • Before the school year starts we have to go to a specific store and get our clothes. Theyre all monogramed with the BGA logo. The shirts are the same for guys and girls – we are offered blue, yellow, and white polos, and on Wednesdays we all have to wear blue oxfords. The rule is the same fore girls skirts. We wear blue and grey plaid skirts, and the guys wear khaki pants. On Fridays we can wear BGA spirit shirts and jeans. We can wear any BGA sweatshirts all throughout the day in and outside of class.

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