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Who are we? Advent


  1. In BGA’s wordle, I can understand a lot of the words. For instance, when you said Santa Clause, though it was confusing at first, you thought of a man who lives in the NORTH pole. A lot of your words, such as cold, winter, New York, and Yankees are correct, but there are others that are very hurtful. I would like to know why you think we are inferior, superficial, and mean. I can understand rude, because we don’t say “yes m’am” and “no sir” but are there other reasons why you would call us all those negative things. If you could make it more clear, maybe we could learn more about one another and how you perceive the Northerners. Thanks!

  2. Honestly some of the people in our class were being childish and said those things. I don’t know why we ever said Northerns were inferior or superficial I think some people just wanted to be funny, but came out hurtful. I’m sorry on my behalf and I’m sure my classmates never meant to hurt your feelings.

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