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The Confederate Flag

Brookwood students: After listening to one or more of the audio files of your teachers talking about the flag, what reactions do you have? Do you have specific questions for the students of BGA regarding the Confederate flag?


  1. Wow. After listening to Ms. Johnson’s speech, I can see how the Confederate flag could be good, but turn into a very bad thing. This story shocked me, but I also thought it was very cool. She could trace her family name all the way back to the Civil War! Now I can see how the flag can be a symbol of fighting for your freedom, and trying to support your… country. I can also see how the Confederate flag could be associated with war and treating others horribly. That’s how I usually saw it, but now I can see it from both sides.

    • After listening to your teachers audio log thingys, and hearing all the different ways people view the confed flag I feel as if it is a symbol of southern hospitality. Also I feel it symbols southern family and our closness to one another in our community’s.

    • I agree that it can change from good to bad very quickly and after watching this video I think of the flag differently. Before I didn’t think of the flag as being associated with good things but know I can see that it isn’t all bad, and that many people many think of it a certain way because thats just what they are taught. Its really just up to you on how you really think of the flag. Also I think some people might be afraid to say what they think of it but I would say some are straight forward with it, like if you have it in your house or maybe its on a bumper sticker on the back of their car. But I do see the flag very differently now.

    • I agree. I never really have thought about it as standing for racism, although a lot of people do. Sure, it was accoicated with that idea, but it does not stand for racism and I think that’s a huge misconception. Now in the south you are seeing less and less confederate flags because people in the north and south have started to think of it as a negative thing. I think it’s a part of history that represents southern pride, and I don’t want that to die off.

  2. After hearing Mr. Wellington’s story, I can see there are very prejudice opinions against the Confederate flag. I myself, am guilty for this prejudice thought about a flag that could merely just be showing your pride in being a Southerner. I have always officiated with it as a sign of treating others horribly. I am sometimes ashamed that I think of it this way, other times, I understand myself. I have seen photos of the KKK holding up the flag through rallies. I want to know how you see the Confederate flag. What does it mean to you?

    • I thought of it as the same way before hearing some of these audio tapes. I always associated it both racism and segregation which I’m totally against. After listening to your teachers stories, I can see that the Confederate Flag is not “bad”. Many people are just proud of being a southerner. With this being said, I felt the same way you did about the confederate flag, but now I really understand some of its true meanings.

    • after hearing the audio stories and reading these answers i think that to many people, the cconfederrate flag stands for racism and hatred but i thik thats a misunderstnding because i think it stands for southern pride adn hospitality

  3. Ms. Johnson seems to have a large family background in the south. It is amazing how different peoples’ views can be of this flag. I originally thought of it as a negative thing, representing the KKK and slavery. However, Ms. Johnson has a much different view of this than I. She has more experience of the south and sees it as a symbol of Southern hospitality, her family roots, the South in general, etc. I have found this very interesting.

  4. After listening to Mr. Wellington talk about how he saw the flag and how talking to a southerner about changed his perspective of the flag completely. He thought that the southerner were going to kill him for asking about it but, they told him and he went on home. The flag is not a mean, bad, sign, it is freedom and just what the flag would be if the south left.

    • After listening to your teacher’s audio recording, I now understand myself that the confederate flag is thought of in many different ways. We all have our own opinions on it and I used to always think of it as “bad” or associated it with racism, but that’s not the case. It means freedom!!!

      • It means freedom? I believe it means quite the opposite. The Confederate Flag is more easily associated with slavery. Also, it shouldn’t be associated with “southern pride” or “hospitality” because it was designed by a Prussian and was based off of the Austrian Empire’s flag.

      • I’m not sure “freedom” is the right word. To me, the Confederate Flag means one of two things. Discrimation or Southern Pride. I don’t think it could ever mean “freedom.”

  5. After listening to Mr.Wellington’s speech on the Confederate flag I understood that although it could be shown as a symbol for your belief it could also be interpreted as a horrible thing too.Mr.Wellington story was about how he was on a lake with his friend on Martin Luther King Day and saw a Confederate flag.He quickly jumped into assumptions as to what kind of people those in the house where and what there beliefs were.After Mr.Wellington’s friend wished to go into the house and ask about the flag, he understood that had not observed the story from both sides.After finishing the audio,I got a better understanding of what the Confederate flag meant and how to not quickly jump into conclusions when meeting something new.

  6. I just listened to Mr. Wellington’s story on the Confederate flag. It was interesting to see his view on it, afterall, he grew up in a predominantly “white” society. It’s neat to learn how a small experience can change someones the way you look at a topic entirely. I usually saw the Confederate flag as a symbol of racism (the KKK uses the Confederate flag as their flag), but now, I have been given the opportunity to see it in a new light. I recommend listening to this, and I’m interested to hear BGA’s thoughts on this audio clip.

    • I’ve thought of it in the same way you have, even as a southerner. Maybe I haven’t been looking for it, but I can’t really remember ever seeing someone have that flag in their yard or anything. These stories also were some of the first times I’d thought of the confederate flag being a symbol not for racism, but just for the south. I suppose everyone has different experiences and ideas to apply to the flag.

  7. After hearing Ms. Johnson’s experience with the confederate flag, it sounds really interesting that because of where you grew up, you picture this one thing so differently than somebody else does. Also, I can tell that some people have super different opinions, but I don’t know enough about it to really understand what I think about it.

  8. After listening to my teachers talk about the Confederate flag I realize how as you get older many people run into people who say different things then you originally thought about the flag. Many people who are from the south think of the Confederate flag as something that was always there and represented the south. But when they talk to people from the north they see that some people see the Confederate flag as a sign of hate. I think that the real meaning of the Confederate flag is somewhere in between.

  9. I just finished listening to Ms. Johnson talking about the confederate flag. She had said that the flag was a good thing to her and people would hang the flag above their bed. I always thought that the flag was really bad. But now after hearing her story I have mixed feelings about the flag. I see it the bad way and the good way. When she said that there was someone named, in her family every generation since the civil war, after the founder of the KKK I was so shocked. I am wondering the same thing as Bryn. What does the flag mean to you?

  10. I think that the Confederate flag has many different meanings. Some people see it as representing the south while others see it as racism, and slavery. I think the flags meaning has changed from good to bad over time.

  11. I think that the confederate flag isn’t as bad as I thought it was after listening to Mr. Wellington’s audio file. I think people are being a little too prejudice about it. As Mr. Wellington said it can represent freedom and right for the states. It doesn’t have to mean slavery, I think it can have a deeper more concrete meaning.


  12. After listening to Mr.Wellington talk about his experience with the confederate flag. I realize that different people have different perspectives about the confederate flag. Some people might think that it is offensive. But others might think about it as being a part of their heritage. A lot of people view the confederate flag in different ways. The flag could stand for good or bad things depending on your perspective.

  13. I listened to Mr. Wellington talk about his experience. It seems like his friend that he was with was very interested in why the flag was hung. I think she might have been especially interested because she was in the north, and from what I have heard, there seems to be more confederate flags in the south. Since the people that were flying the flag were from the south, it made more sense. The video also shows how we, the northerners, assume that anyone that flies the confederate flag is bad, and that isn’t true. Those people were actually really nice. My question is what would you think if you saw a northerner flying the flag?

    • I find it weird that I was raised in the south, but I still think of the confederate flag as a symbol of racism. After listening to these tapes, I learned that it can mean a lot of other things. Some people are just very happy and proud to be a southerner. Where we live, the Confederate flag is not very common, so I think that Is why I personally associate it as being bad. The audio clips have changed my mind about the confederate flag and the people who fly them.

  14. After listening to Mr.Wellingtons speech I can now tell that the confederate flag means very different thing to different people. Also that there is some prejudice about it. Like how Mr.Wellington had assumed something about those people in the shack and then learned that he shouldn’t assume what people are going to say.

  15. I listened to Ms. Johnson’s connection to the confederate flag and It really got me thinking on how most Northerners think of the flag as a representation of Slavery but after hearing what she had to say It really opened up my mind to this type of thinking and how it doesn’t just mean slavery it can represent family and friends to.

  16. After hearing Mr. Wellington’s story I can see how every one has a different view of looking at things, and how they can be good or bad. I always thought of the confederate flag in a bad way, but hearing Mr. Wellington’s story makes me wonder how do we as Brookwood feel or view the confederate flag.

  17. After I heard Mr. Wellington’s view on the Confederate Flag I remembered that the Confederate Flag doesn’t always represent racism and slavery. In many ways Mr. Wellington’s story was very interesting, especially how the fisherman on the lake were flying the Confederate Flag on Martin Luther King day. At the beginning of his story I thought that this story was going to show how the Confederate Flag represents racism and slavery. However, after I finished listening to Mr. Wellington’s story I realized that the Confederate Flag represents one’s roots and pride of being who they are and where they come from. After I finished listening to what Mr. Wellington had to say, I don’t have as much hate for the Confederate Flag, and in fact I don’t really have any hate for it anymore.

  18. Before I listened to Ms. Johnson I knew that the flag was not always a symbol for bad. After listening it convinced me even more that the flag can be used both ways. It still is a little weird seeing the flag and not thinking about the bad stuff. Also I can respect that people back then were different than now. My question to you is what does it represent to you.

    • To me it represents a way of living and I the south you will see the flag all over the place in cars, in houses, and even screen savers. So what I’m trying to say its common but when I see it I feel like I have a connection to them.

  19. I just finished listening to Mr.Wellington talking about the Confederate Flag and It was interesting to see how he saw the Confederate Flag and how the flag could be used as a symbol. But also the flag could be used wrong like for example, it was on Martin Luther King day that Mr.Wellington and his friend saw the flag. Also when Mr.Wellingtons friend saw the flag, she said “lets go in and ask them!” Mr.Wellington thought they were going to like kill them but actually the three men inside the house just told them about why they had the flag and Mr.Wellington and his friend went home. No bruises, no scratches, they were fine. After hearing this, I sort of got a different perspective on the Confederate Flag.

  20. I listened to Ms. Johnson’s view of the Confederate Flag, and it turns out that family history played a big part in her view. Her Great Great Great Grandfather was friends with someone that founded the KKK! Isn’t that CRAZY. And now their are a ton of people in her family that have that friend’s names.

  21. After watching the Mr. Wellington’s video, I’ve noticed that not everything is as good as you want it to be. There is a fake layer above the eyes of the people. Its almost as if it is the North Korea Government. And the people have been growing up and believing all of these bias opinions. .

  22. After hearing Ms. Johnson’s story about the confederate flag it made me believe that there is more associated with the confederate flag than just slavery. The confederate flag can mean a family’s roots in the south or southern customs, which changes my view on this topic because the flag may portray different ideas than slavery.

  23. Wow I just listened to Miss. Johnson and Mr. Wellington’s stories, they were very inspiring. Now I realize that I can be rude and have stereotypes about the confederate flag and the people that have and use the confederate flag. I am related to General Lee who fought for the south in the civil war, my parents told me that could be good and bad and that people at school would think of me differently if I said that I was related to him. I have different opinions I probably would not have fought for the south but I am not completely ruling it out. I don’t think that slavery is right and a few students from BGA have said that they don’t either. I am not particularly proud that I am related to General Lee but I am not going to hide that fact.

  24. I listened to 2 of the audio files, Ms. Johnson and Mr.wellingtons. I thought that the stories that they told explain how different opinions can be. Ms. Johnson talked about how it had something to do with her family, and it meant a lot to her past, but she was kind of at war with herself about forest being an honor in her family or a bad role model, but either way it was something that she is in favor of. But Mr. Wellington said that his experience was pretty much a random experience. He never knew about it until they asked a random person, and he has some bias against it. So the opinions in these two videos are very different.

  25. I listened to Mr. Wellingtons story about the flag and I think that I really understood each point of view. Coming from the people that were flying the flag I understand that they were just trying to show that they were from the south, but coming from Mr Wellingtons perspective I think he was right in saying that it means different things to different people and that maybe they shouldn’t have been flying it on Martin Luther King Jr day. In the end I think it depends on how you view the flag.

  26. I listened to Mr. Wellington’s sound file, and wow. It’s pretty amazing how prejudice we can be without knowing, and how much we can overthink a problem with a simple answer. I always thought of the confederate battle flag as a sort of symbol of slavery, but now i’m starting to see that it’s a symbol of heritage and history and has no intent of being connected to slavery. It’s also pretty amazing how we’re just a 1 hour plane ride away from each other, yet we think so differently from one another, and often forget that we’re pretty much the same.

  27. I have listened to Mr. Wellington’s experience with the Confederate flag and it made me realize that the flag is not always a sign of hatred, or racism, but that it is a symbol for people’s heritage. I have seen a Confederate flag many times and I’ve always thought that it was a sign of hatred, this video helped me better understand it. I would love to know what the Confederate flag means to you all.

  28. I just listened to Mr. Wellington’s story, and I can sort of relate. Before we started this project, I thought of the Confederate flag as being a symbol for racism and rebellion. Now, after a couple weeks of the project, I know that people in the South are pretty similar to us up North. I now see the Confederate flag as a symbol of Southern heritage and being proud of family history. My family is all from New York and Massachusetts, so I’ve never personally had connections to the South, slavery, or the Confederate flag.

  29. After hearing about Mr.Wellingtons experience with the Confederate flag, I also have a closed mindset towards the flag. Before learning more about the flag and hearing others opinions, I felt that it was a sign of hatred towards African americans. I believed that it shoulnd’t be flown expecially on Martin Luther King Day. But now I’ve really relized that it meens several differnt things. One of those things being what the fishermen felt, just pride and happiness from the Southern Heritage.

  30. After listening to Mr. Wellington’s experience about the confederate flag I was very curious why she needed to know why they were flying the flag. Also now I can see both sides of the story about the Confederate flag. I can see all the bias about the flag and why.

  31. After hearing Mr. Wellington’s view and story on the confederate flag, I realized that the confederate flag can have a negative or positive impression on different people. In my opinion, it depends on the experiences that one person has been through that creates these different impressions.

  32. I listened to Ms. Johnson and Mr. Wellington’s stories, and they taught me to see the flag from not one, but two different sides. I never really understood what the flag meant until now. I saw it as a blank piece of paper, a question unanswered. I see the light, happy side, the side that says “welcome!” The warm side is bright and sunny, showing what visiting the South must be like. a fresh breeze flies through the air and people sniff the sweet scent of the past. But the past can be bitter. All in all, the Confederate flag is something Northerners look at like an unwanted piece of food, turned away by the mere sight of it. The one person who decides to try a bite before judging it will find that it’s a joyous, flavorful taste, too. It’s family, it’s happiness, it’s love as well. Everyone should remember that.

  33. I got to listen to Ms. Johnson’s recording of what she thought about the Confederate flag. I was amazed at how people view the flag in so many different ways. How could the north see it as “bad” and the south to see it as a symbol of the south. Even though the Confederate flag is viewed as “bad” up in the north, I don’t think that it is “bad” all the time, it just has to do with the context of the flag.

  34. I listened to Ms. Johnson’s audio file, and to me it shows how different it can be interpreted. To some people, like Ms. Johnson’s roommates, it represents violence, war, and slavery. To some people it represents freedom, because they used their freedom to secede from the Union. This shows just the many ways that people can interpret one thing.

  35. After listening to Ms. Johnson’s audio file about the confederate flag, I realized that everyone has their own ideas of what it represents. Ms. Johnson had always associated the Confederate flag with a good thing, her family in the south. This was because it was always in her cousin’s home. But then she found out that the family names in her family are actually the names of a founder of the Klu-Klux-Clan, and she started to doubt that the Confederate flag was such a good thing. But then she realized that she could still have her own idea about it. She wanted to still think fondly of her family, so she continued to view the Confederate flag as a good thing. The Flag means different things to different people, and its okay to think of it differently.

  36. Listening to your teachers, Ms. Johnson and Mr. Wellington’s stories, it’s interesting to see how both of them thought of the Confederate flag and how their opinion of it changed after realizing the other meanings it had, and that it didn’t always have to do with slavery and segregation, it could be just that person representing the South.

    • Yes, I agree. After listening to Mr. Wellington’s stories I realized that peoples views of the confederate flag are completely different. It made me think that our views of the flag have nothing to do with the actual flag, they have to do with our opinions and beliefs about the flag. Some say that it was used as a symbol of racism and others say a symbol of southern ideas and some people say it’s a symbol of freedom. But truth be told those are all right and are all wrong.

  37. I have to agree with Ms. Johnson’s point of view on the flag because I have been born and raised in the South and the people and places that have influenced me don’t see it as a symbol of hate and rasicm but a symbol of Southern Pride, traditions and family that goes along with it. Yes I do see how people, who don’t quite expierenced the flag and the culture that goes along with it may associate the flag with The Confederate States of America dealing with all the racism. But I feel that it is more than that.

    • I agree, the flag itself was never used to show support of anything like the KKK, it was always just something people would use to represent part of themselves. True southern people think of the flag as part of themselves, and won’t even relate it back to things like slavery and discrimination.

          • I also agree with ryan because I believe that you can think however you want to think about. As for me, I don’t really think that much about it. I do see the Confederate flag a lot down here and whenever I see it, it just kind of passes through my mind. But, when I do think about it sincerely, I do realise how it is a sign of hatred the Union and even slaves.

  38. I think it’s kind of funny how even people so far away from the South can still have relations to the Confederate Flag. Other than the fact that my dad’s middle name is “Forrest,” myself and my family don’t have any connections to the Confederate Flag.

  39. Wow. After listening to Ms.Johnson’s and Mr.Wellington’s audio clips, I have a lot to think about. When I think of the Confederate Flag I think of racism, sexism, the KKK, and southerners stuck in the past. I never thought twice about any of this because that’s just how I’ve always thought of it. I’ve always thought of the union being the good guys who brought down the aggressive south, but that isn’t entirely true. After listening this, I’ve found out it means many different things to many different people. For some people it shows southern pride, and to some people it shows northern hatred. I’ve now realized that my old views aren’t as right as I thought they were. Things aren’t good and bad or right or wrong, everything is on a middle ground. It’s up to us to answer that question. Now I view a Confederate flag in many different ways. The symbol doesn’t matter, it’s how the symbol is used that does.

  40. After listening to you teachers, Ms, Johnson and Mr. Wellingtons, thoughts and stories about their experiences with the confederate flag. I personally view the flag as a symbol of southern pride and all the south has to offer but I also view it as a symbol of racism and a war that tore family’s and friends apart. I know that here in Franklin you can’t swing a dead cat without hitting some civil war thing. On the way to our state capital you have to pass a statue with confederate and some state flags around it. It is a symbol that people can constantly be reminded of and see as a positive symbol in the south, for me.

  41. I liked how Mr. Wellington’s story showed such different views how he thought the Confederate flag stood for the Klu Klutz Klan and slavery. He thought that the Confederate flag was an insult to Martin Luther King Jr. but he realized that it was actually not always used as a bad thing.

  42. After listening to both Mr. Wellington’s and Ms. Johnson’s audio clip, it made me see how different types of people react when they think about the confederate flag. It also made me see how they interpreted it in their situation.

  43. These audio files really haven’t changed my opinions on the Confederate flag. I still see it as a sign of discrimination, though I could see why some might use it in an attempt to honour their roots.

  44. My question is, if a kid in your school walked into your school, either wearing or flying, a Confederate flag, how would you feel about it? How would you feel if they were suspended or expelled? Why?

  45. I listened to Ms. Hodgdon’s and Mr. Wellington’s audio files I thought both were astonishing to learn about. I also have never had an experiment with the Confederate Battle Flag before. I think if I did it would be less astonishing to me. I think if we shared our opinions on the Confederate Flag it would be helpful with our supreme court cases.

  46. Hey BGA, I just have a question for you guys. Well I know there’s a lot of controversy of what the Confederate flag means, and I know that most of you see it as southern heritage. But my question is, do you guys understand how others see the flag as well? Because although I see how it represents southern heritage, I personally feel that it represents slavery and racism, a very uncomfortable topic for many.

  47. After listening to what Mr. Wellington had to say about the confederate flag, I can see that peoples thoughts on the flag can vary. Mrs Hodgdons story was very interesting because even though she went to a school in the North, her schools flag was the confederate flag. This makes me really see that no matter who you ask, their thoughts on the confederate flag will be different.

  48. After listening to Ms. Liston, I realized that there are lots of mixed feelings on the what the confederate flag meant. I have a question for BGA and Advent students and it is, what the confederate flag means to you?

  49. I really don’t understand how anyone could think that the confederate flag could mean anything other than a cruel and violent symbol against blacks and many other people. I can see that people are proud of the south, but why would you ever fly or have on your car a symbol that was used in a awful way. I’m not attacking anyone, just trying to rationalize the meaning of what people are saying. I think of the confederate flag is just like a nazi flag in some aspects. Germans thought Germany The world thought killers.

  50. After listening to Ms. Johnson’s audio file, I’ve kept my belief that for some when they think of the Confederate Flag they think of their heritage, and the underlying thought of the Confederate Flag may be the K.K.K. or racism. Though when others think of the Confederate Flag they think of the K.K.K. or racism, and the underlying thoughts that they have may be a southerner’s heritage. The definition of the Confederate Flag can be very diverse, it just depends on the person and their heritage.

  51. At first I though that the flag was a horrible symbol that represented many hurtful things, now I see that it can be a symbol for family and heritage. I though that it was upsetting that I am related to General Lee, but now I see that it is not all that bad, he fought for what he thought was right and he was very brave to do so. I am no longer ashamed at all to be related to him, although I don’t agree with what he was fighting for, I am proud that he did fight and stand up for what he believed in.

  52. I listened to ms. Listons story, and I thought that how she had different emotions about it but I found it kind of confusing. And I am having a hard time figuring out if she is still happy about how her dad thought about the flag. Also, I think that if you don’t have a strong opinion on the flag then you shouldn’t hang it, like her dad did. I just don’t think that he stuck to believing in it enough to have it hung up there. He didn’t seem to honor it like he was completely honest about it, or he might have just hung it becaus his dad hung it. He might just want to do it because he wants to remember his dad with something his dad believed in, but does he know what it really means to some people?

  53. I just listened to the story Ms. Johnson told and I found it very interesting. She had heard all of these negitive opinions on the south and the flag, but that didn’t change how she thought of the confederate flag. It really showed the different thoughts on the flag between the north and the south, and how each area is taught different things and versions on the Civil War and the confederate flag.

  54. After listening to Ms. Johnson’s audio file, I definitely see the flag in a better way now. It’s more clear to me that its not meant as a terrible thing, maybe to some people but not to me. I see it as a symbol that reflects southern heritage. It’s more of a good thing to me now.

  55. I listened to Ms. Liston’s audio file, and I honestly was surprised. At first I was glad that Ms. Liston wasn’t taking the flag too seriously, taking it as a symbol to have fun with and not worry about. But, as her story changed, I started to feel bad for her. Her vision changed from being proud of having southern heritage, to being ashamed because she thought it had to do with slavery. There are so many ways to see the confederate flag, like how I see it as a symbol of resolve, but I don’t like to see it being taken as a symbol of slavery. After all, the war really happened because the southern economy counted on slavery, NOT because the south wanted slavery just because.

  56. At first I didn’t understand the meaning of the Confederate Flag but after listening to some of the teachers audio files I learned that people have different opinions about it. I wonder if the Confederate Flag represented the north would peoples opinions change or stay the same?

  57. I listened to both Ms. Johnson’s and Mr. Wellington’s stories about the Confederate flag, and I noticed that they each started with different opinions on the Confederate flag, but they both ended up seeing it positively, recognizing that it can mean good things as well as bad.

  58. After listening to Mrs. Hodgdon’s audio file, I realize that the Confederate Flag really can bring back history. The flag caused full-grown adults to fight with each other, because of the controversy.

  59. What are your thoughts on the Confederate Battle Flag? I’d really appreciate your input on this subject, as it would really help with a subject we’re studying in History.

  60. As for me, I don’t really think that much about it. I do see the Confederate flag a lot down here and whenever I see it, it just kind of passes through my mind. But, when I do think about it sincerely, I do realise how it is a sign of hatred toward the Union and even slaves.

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