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Lawyers representing Anderson County Schools: use this page to swap ideas and resources between Brookwood and BGA as you shape your case for the Supreme Court.


  1. Does the confederate offend the large amount of citizens from the south? If the confederate flag was mentioned, what would be the first thing that would come to your mind? In general, what do you think the confederate flag stands for? We’d like for some students from BGA answer these questions, thanks.

    – The lawyer team for the school

  2. The flag doesnt affend us in any way. We think of it as southern pride. The first that that comes to mind about our flag is that it represnts all southerners and who we are.

  3. Honestly it doesn’t matter what YOU think about the flag that makes it bad it is how other people interpret it. If you ment it as southern pride people might not think of it as southern pride and think of it as hatred to the north, African Americans, and wanting to keep forced labor and other things the confederacy strongly agreed with.mIf you ment it as hate then it is still bad. I feel that this is just a very risky symbol to use and use correctly.

  4. This kind of goes with what Anna Clare said, but she is right. We do not really pay attention to it at this age. I’ve always known what the confederate flag is, yet I never really did any research on it till this year.

  5. Hello, I’m from the School Lawyer Team. We won our supreme court case. Here are a few points for the team from BGA that we emphasized that helped us to win:


    Barr vs Lafon- Similar cases, neighboring county

    The Klu Klux Klan-

    Notorious group, a reason for the Confederate flag to be a symbol of racial hatred

    Start of the Civil War-

    Prove that the Confederates left due to slavery, so that’s what they are fighting for (read text from successions)

    Say something about how Defoe willingly disregarded the rules

    These are the major points we made in our case, they may help the School team win in BGA

  6. Hi! I was one of the school lawyers and I found that it helped to have some solid evidence. I don’t know if you have heard of the Tinker Standard, but that really helped our case. It states that student freedom of speech can be limited if it causes or could cause (a) a substantial disruption of the school environment or (b) an invasion of the rights of others. If we did not have this point to put on the table, we might not have won with our 12-0 vote win. Try to find solid precedents and make sure that they are recent. Also, be prepared with points that might be used against you so that you might have a rebuttal.

    • Delaney is right, a huge part of our argument had to do with the regulations set by the Tinker case, this helped us rebuttal against the Tinker case, while it supported the claim that the school’s rule was constitutional. Although I was a lawyer in a different class, we also won our case 12-0.

      • Also, they will not have that many precedents that specifically connect to the free speech in a schooling environment. The Tinker case will be one of their big precedents, because there aren’t many precedents in their favor. So if you can rebuttal against the Tinker case, you will shut down a huge part of their argument. You can do this by linking the regulations to the past racial tension that occurred at the school. The regulations are if the speech were to “material or substantially” interfere with the workings of the school, or if the speech were to break another’s rights. Check out the wording of the fourth amendment, this may help you prove that another’s rights were broken.

  7. Hi BGA school attorneys,
    I was a lawyer for the school in this case, and I have some tips for you guys that are school attorneys.
    You will want to show the judges how much racial violence was taking place in the school. I showed the judges that some of the bullies at Anderson County High were wearing Confederate flags when they bullied other races.
    It is also important to show that the Confederacy was created because of slavery, and therefore that the Confederate flag is racist. We found quotes from different states that proved they seceded from the Union so they could have slavery. We also found that the Vice President of the Confederacy said “our nation is founded upon the truth that the Negro is unequal to the white man”.
    Also, stay confident in your presentation.

  8. A tip for this side of the case would be to always have enough information to back up all of your points, and to use the Tinker Standard. The judges will throw a bunch of questions at you, and you need to be prepared to answer all of the questions. The Tinker Standard was one of the points that the school used in our class, and it was really effective. It brought a lot of judges to the school’s side, so I’d suggest using that method.
    Good Luck!

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