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Lawyers representing Tommy Defoe: use this page to swap ideas and resources between Brookwood and BGA as you shape your case for the Supreme Court.


  1. How do you guys view the Confederate Flag? What kind of message does it convey to you guys? Do you see it as a sign of hatred or southern heritage? How is the Confederate flag viewed inthe south?

  2. I’m not a lawyer but I think minuets 14-16 in the skype with Mary Beth Tinker is really important. She talks about how you can’t discriminate against other people’s perspectives. It would be interesting as a judge to see if this could connect to the case.

  3. I was wondering in your (BGA students) opinion what you thought of the result of the Defoe case. Because I’ve never really seen the confederate flag in person, I’m not really familiar with it. Do you think Defoe should of won, because you believe his First Amendment right was violated? Our do you agree with the how the case ruled it. That Defoe’s speech should of been limited?

  4. I don’t know if you guys have done the hearing yet but Kate Rory and I have come up with another reason on why the confederate flag is good.
    1. Southern pride/heritage
    2. honouring veterans; many children of Civil war veterans have a confederate flag to symbolize their great grandparents.

    Hope this helps you guys,
    Sarah, Kate and Rory

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