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Brookwood Responds to Wordles

Here was the scene in section GHI today when Brookwood students checked out the Wordle made by BGA:

And here, a handful of Brookwood students share their thoughts on the Wordles:


  1. I feel like the we said rude just because we were asked about the North as a whole. So in my mind I thought of NYC, because that is part of the north. And I know the crime rate is very high there and I have seen a few documentaries on how people are treated on the streets. That is why I said rude. I do understand that isn’t where you guys live, but we were asked about the north as a whole, like I said.

  2. On the video of the four girls I feel as if they kept on saying here at Brookwood when we weren’t just talking about Brookwood we were talking about all of the north. Another reason why we put New York is because usually when Southeners are thinking about the north New York City is a big one that comes to mind a lot. Whenever I visit New York in the summer a lot of people seem very rushed and not as welcoming to help people or tell them where a place is.

    • First of all, it really hurts to hear that you think of us like that. Second, people don’t talk to strangers in New York. Everyone is rushed because there’s a lot of traffic, and they may not have time to help people. I honestly fear being rude and snooty, so hearing that just makes me feel bad about myself.

  3. the main thing that everyone was focused on was the rude part. thats not all we put. we put some very true things and when we think about the north, they’re just not as polite as the southerners and i realize that that is how yall were raised but we were raised differently too. yall put many stereotypical words that referenced to like 50 years ago. we did too and we are sorry for thinking about the stereotypical aspects of the north but since we haven’t experienced much of the north, this is how we see it. same for yall too. its much like how you guys see the south. we weren’t trying to be rude, its just how we see it and it may not be completely true but neither is yours.

    • I feel like we put rude just because our cultures are slightly different and also because just as yall are not extremely familiar with the south we aren’t that familiar with the north. That’s why we are doing this, so that we can learn about each other.

  4. I sincerely apoligize for what i said about all of you guys. i didnt fully think about what i said, before i said it. i was steorotyping all the northerners into being rude, and i didnt think about all the kids at the time. I also didnt think any one would see our wordle. i am sorry.

    • I feel bad about what we said, we were asked about The North as a whole not just your area. I thought of NYC and Gossip Girl and I just thought of rudeness. We didnt mean to offend you and Im sorry that we did.

      Mcclain and I like smoothies too.

      • This is supposed to be about the real world not “Gossip Girl” almost 100 percent of things you see in movies or Tv shows are fake. You take Opinions from the real world not a Tv show

          • I actually totally agree with Anna, If I lived in the south and still watched gossip girl (which I do!!) I’d totally just think of New York because thats where it was staged, so I would just relate that to the North if it was me. In gossip girl it actually shows a lot of important landmarks and it describes the winters perfectly so its pretty accurate for a tv show. Just my opinion and uh Chuck Bass= lifeee

  5. I walked in to class and my teacher asked us to write down what words came to mind when we thought of the north, and I put rude because that was a stereotype about New York. We had no idea that this would be shared with you. We were not thinking of your school and the entire north when we said rude. I was thinking of New York. I am very sorry if you were offended but please remember that we had no intent to offend you.

  6. I think what people where thinking when they put yakie is the old word that used to say northerns not the baceball team. Ps. GGGGGGGGGGGGGGGOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO RED SOX

  7. For anyone confused about the use of the work Yankees, I meant the baseball team. It’s not that I said that because y’all live in Boston, it’s just because the Yankees have a better history of which more people know about (mainly because of Babe Ruth). What’s the most popular sport in the north or at least Boston?

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