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A typical activity that is most important to us


  1. One activity that is really important to me is just sitting down and doing “nothing”. I have a stressful life that does take a toll on me. I have about an hour and a half of homework every night, and I four of my weeknights are taken up by hockey practices and I have at least one game every weekend. With this schedule, I have to destress sometimes and I do this by just sitting down on the couch and doing “nothing”. I’ll come down from my room and sit on the couch in the kids tv room. I’ll grab myself a soda or some juice. I’ll may turn on the TV and watch ESPN. There are two good sport shows on at five o’clock and five thirty. They are Pardon the Interruption and Around the Horn. I like the debates that go on and I also enjoy being informed about the Sports world. Either that or I’ll sit down and play my XBOX. These two activities is what I consider doing “nothing”. Doing Nothing allows me to destress making my week easier and more enjoyable.

  2. I love sports and I play baseball, basketball, or soccer almost every day. My favorite is basketball and I play on two teams. I play on a team for school and on a team for my town. My town team has two practices a week and usually one game on the weekends. Our team is very strong and we have done well the last two years. Last year and the year before, we went to the championship but lost. Our Brookwood team is 1-0 and it is so much fun. We have a practice or game every school day. The game schedule is somewhat random but we usually have at least one game a week. I also play soccer and I was on three different teams this fall. I played club soccer, town soccer, and Brookwood soccer. Our Brookwood team did very well and ended at 7-3. I play town baseball every spring and don’t work at the sport very much.

  3. One thing me and my family do over the weekend is talk about how we feel. We discuss our problems and things we could do better at. I think it really helps get some weight off of your chest. After we discuss our problems with each other, we give constructive criticism. This is to help others improve in ways we see they should. We do this on Saturdays after dinner. I love doing it. Because after every talk, I have something to improve on. Then next Saturday, when we have tried to do the things that we talked about, we talk about the things we did over the week and how it went. And next week we do it again, and again. It is just a weekly tradition we have.

  4. An activity that my family and I cherish is tennis. Every member of my family plays tennis. I usually attend a bunch of lessons during the week, sometimes last 3 hours! My dad and I play together, sometimes with my mom and my sister. My sister attends group lessons while I attend private lessons. While we are in school, my mom attends lessons with her friends. My dad plays matches every weekend. Every month, I usually play a tennis tournament. Overall, my family and I praise the activity of tennis

  5. Something that I do that is really important to my family and me is hockey. I have been playing hockey since I was five, and it always has always been a big part of my life. My dad played hockey when he was little for the Little Caesars. I play hockey for the 2000 Islanders team, my brother plays hockey for the Islanders U14 team, and one of my younger sisters tried playing it, but didn’t like it very much. Three times a week I have to go to a hockey practice, and most of the time we have two games a week. My brother’s team has three two hour practices a week, and usually only has one game a week. Most of the players on my brother’s team are now in high school and play for their high school team. Hockey has also taught us a lot. It has taught us good sportsmanship, and how to work together with other people. It also is very good exercise and is a very fun sport to play.

  6. Every other day after school, I practice soccer. I grew up in England a country completely immersed i the sport. Everyone in my family loves the sport and enjoys watching it with me swell. I started playing soccer when i was eight years old. Then, i would just kick the ball around with my older brother, but when i moved to the United states i started to like it more. I play with my friends from school, and others outside, on our local town team. Soccer is important to me because its not only fun, but you learn things from the sport. For example I’ve learned, teamwork, strategy, tactics, and responsibility.

  7. One thing that I typically do on the weekends, and after school is ride at the barn across the street. I usually go about four times a week around five, depending on my homework schedule, and soccer. Riding is really important to me because half of my family has ridden for some part of their life. It’s also very important to me because I’ve been riding since I was born.

  8. One activity that I do very often is golf. In the summer I play golf and train for it almost everyday at my home club Essex County Club. Essex is a very open course, but is surrounded by towering evergreen trees. It actually gets pretty warm in the summer. Temperatures vary from about 75 degrees fahrenheit 90 degrees fahrenheit and even warmer at times. Our winters are very frigid and cold though. I generally play golf outside until early December when my club closes because the course there is covered in snow though I manage to keep up my golf. I take two lessons a week in an indoor shack. From there I hit out into the snow. I also do different types of training for golf in the winter such as agility, flexibility, and strengthening exercises. Believe it or not I still play courses during the winter. I go to a simulator golf place called optigolf. Simulator golf is where you can play whatever course you want and hit into a screen that shows your ball flight and many other things. When you putt the simulator shows you where to place your ball on a mat and what hole to putt to. I also go down to Florida in the winter to play golf tournaments because it’s to cold up here.

  9. There are many things that are important to me that I do on the weekend. First off, I love spending time with my family and with my dog. We like to do a lot of things together like watching the Bruins game and taking the dog for a walk. I also like to play hockey on the weekends. I usually have two games on the weekend, and then I have two practices during the week. I play goalie for my team and I like it a lot. I like hanging out with my friends during the week too. We sometimes get to go to Bruins games and go to the stadium and watch the Bruins play.

  10. Some things that my family and I do during weekend and late evenings include of movie night. We are able to bond over a film and that really brings us together. Another important thing that we do is go to sporting events of are siblings as a family. Cheering my sisters on in there sport is really important to me because I get to see them in action and get to know them not only in person but I get to know them on the sports field. My mom and dad always try and do their best to make all of our games and cheer us on. To me, seeing my family members cheering me on is the greatest feeling in the world.

  11. An activity that I do regularly outside of school is ride and care for my horse. I ride him almost every day. In the spring, summer, and fall, my friends and I take our horses to shows and compete. On the weekends, we stay at the barn for hours while we ride, pack for shows, and wash our horses. My horse’s name is Hans. He is tall and a very dark brown. He is a really sweet horse. He loves hugs and will be your best friend forever if you give him a treat. I just started riding him this summer and I love working with him. He is a really good jumper and he seems to have fun when he jumps. Riding is really important to me because I get to do it with my friends (people and horses). I get to do it with my horse, who is my best friend.

  12. My favorite activity would definitely be playing guitar. Music has always been a big part of my life and my guitar lessons are usually my favorite parts of the day. I have school meeting band every morning before school, and I have my extra guitar lessons, where I am actually writing my own song, after school on Thursdays. I try to practice whenever I can, like on the weekends and after I do my homework because I go to my happy place when I am playing.

  13. Something that my family loves to do frequently is go to the beach. We are members of the Singing Beach Club, and during the summer we live to go at least two or three times a week, sometimes with my friends. It is called Singing Beach because when you shuffle your feet in the sand, it squeaks. In the late fall, when it is cold and no one is swimming, we take are dogs there to run on the beach and play with other dogs. The beach then becomes warmer in the spring, and people start going there again.

  14. The biggest thing my family does together is play and watch sports. I play lacrosse, soccer, basketball and I ski. Sports take up a major part in my life because that’s what I grew up doing. Every weekend I’m either at a lacrosse tournament or a lacrosse practice. I was brought up playing soccer because my dad played at Boston University and my mom played through college and after college. When I’m at home there is always some sort of sport on tv. I love watching football, hockey, soccer, and lacrosse. Every Saturday morning I wake up to my dad watching soccer for hours. Watching sports with my family brings us together for some family time and sports are the biggest thing my family has in common.

  15. An activity I do often and that is important to me is dance. I am on a competition team, which is a group of advanced dancers, placed by an audition we had in September. I love dance, and it’s the only activity I do because it takes up so much time and energy. Whenever I dance, I just feel so happy and free. I love learning new tricks, skills, and working on my flexibility. It’s also great to have so many friends from dance, because we all share a common passion. Everyday, I look forward to going to my studio again. I dance for eight hours a week, but I always want to go more often. I consider dance my life, because I am always dancing, whether I am at the studio or not.

  16. After school on Tuesdays I have a voice lesson, where I sing and learn how to become a better singer. This is really important to me because singing has always been something I’ve loved to do, so to be able to sing after a long day of school helps me relax and get rid of any stressful things I have on my mind. One thing that I love about my voice lessons is that I learn how to be a better singer. I really love getting better at something because I can challenge myself and learn new things. I also feel good when I have improved and succeeded a challenge because it shows how hard I have worked. I don’t just sing on Tuesdays, I sing everywhere and every night. Sometimes I will sing to take a break from homework because it makes me happy and motivates me to keep working. Overall, singing is an activity that makes me happy and helps me learn how to overcome challenges.

  17. All throughout the week my Mom, sister, and myself all go horseback riding. I love being able to interact with the horses and ponies.We are at the barn all day on the weekends and during the summer. Riding is really important to me because it challenges me to step outside of my comfort zone, and you build a bond with your horse. Outside of school, I also play soccer. I love soccer because there is never a dull moment. In the Winter, I have a soccer game once a week. Also, because of the weather conditions in the winter I play indoor. In the Fall and Spring I have practices during the week, and a game on Saturdays.

  18. The most constant activity that my family is involved in is soccer. My brothers play both club and town soccer & I play club soccer. There are soccer balls everywhere & we even have a little soccer area set up inside our family room. We watch soccer on the weekends and play soccer on the weekends. Soccer is literally all we are doing six days a week (as a family; I usually play three or four times a week). I love the feeling of scoring a goal or sprinting down the field. It’s just so fun! Soccer is a an activity (a value) that my brothers and I would drop if all else fails.

  19. One very common activity I do almost every night is watch TV with my mom and my dog (if he will, he often just jumps off of the couch). We are currently watching Lost (a 2004 series about a group of people on a flight that crash on a island where the “others” are and have to get off the island) and I enjoy it very much. I get to watch a great series, and spend time with my mom, Its two things I enjoy a lot combine.
    Another Common activity I do is play with my dog Buster. He is a black labrador and currently about 8 months old and is very cute. I usually take one of his toys and throw it across the room and he runs to go get it.

  20. My family and I do a lot of things together that are important to us, but there is one activity that is the most important. Every Sunday we go to church and also church school when it is available. My mom and dad are both Christian with parents that are also Christian. They grew up going to church on Sundays, but my grandfather went to church every single day and sometimes brought my mom with him. The church my family goes to is called St. Mary’s in Beverly, Massachusetts. This is really important to my family because my dad believes Jesus will always be there in life if you take the time to believe in him.

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