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What we value most: God, country, family, or self?


  1. If I had to choose one of the following choices to be loyal to, God, The United States, my family, or myself, I would choose my family. I would choose my family because I don’t think that I could have a good conscience without being loyal to them. Before I wrote this answer I thought about writing God, but then I considered the fact that it could go against something my family believed in and that seemed more important to me. For example, my religion suggests that to be a homosexual is a sin. If someone in my family turned out to be homosexual I would not side with God and that they should be sinned and judge them negatively, I would side with my family in accepting them. I think that my family holds a very important value to me and I would always pick them to side with than another figure. They are very moral and good people that promote acceptance, love, and respect for others.

  2. If I had to choose what to be loyal to, I would be most loyal to myself. This is because I think that what I want to do is more important than anything else. I do love my family very much, and wish them the best, but when it comes where I have to make a big decision, and one-way benefits me more, than I would stay true to myself. The United States to me is my home and my country, but I don’t have a strong bond with it or strong feelings of patriotism towards it. To me, it is where I live, and nothing more. And when it comes to God, I will admit that I am not attached to him, and I do not enjoy church at all. I go every week, but only because my parents make me go. Overall, I value my own loyalties more, because I feel that I should be able to do what I would like to do. And if it comes down to the nitty-gritty, I’m going with my personal choices.

  3. If I had to choose either God, the US, my family, or myself to remain loyal to, I would choose God. None of the other options can save me from eternal peril, or give me eternal joy. God is all powerful, and when I die, if I stay loyal to my god, then I will have eternal joy. If I had to trade away information about the US in order to keep going to church every Sunday, then I would. If I had to leave my family to go to church, I would.

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