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Brookwood teachers on the flag

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  1. I listened to Mr. Wellington about the confederate flag. He ran into a situation when he was in college and only one time. My question is how often does the confederate flag pop up in your daily. life.

    • I see it every day driving up Interstate 65 near a statue of Nathan Bedford Forrest. It is also seen on various cars as bumper stickers or license plates. We don’t really se the flag as a symbol of slavery or rebellion but more of as a symbol of southern pride.

      • I personally don’t see it that often in my daily life. I do from time to time see it on various items though, and I probably see it more then what I process.

  2. I thought that it was crazy that a Brookwood teacher’s Great etc. Grandfather’s friend founded the KKK! How crazy is it that these people who (I presume to be) are evil can appear so civil and normal? One thing that I am interested about is how you all at BGA think about several lead figures during the Civil war. For example, what are your opinions on President Lincoln, Jefferson Davis, General Lee, US. Grant, or just the Union and Confederacy? It would be great if you all could answer these questions. My opinion on Lincoln is that he was a hero.

    • I believe that Lincoln was a hero and was one of our best presidents of all time. Jefferson Davis really was not that well liked, i don’t think he was a great leader. Lee was a great general who fought for what he believed in. Grant was the general who won the war for you and I respect him. Just because we are from the South does not mean we wish the confederacy had one, we our glad slavery was abolished.

  3. I really don’t understand how anyone could think that the confederate flag could mean anything other than a cruel and violent symbol against blacks and many other people. I can see that people are proud of the south, but why would you ever fly or have on your car a symbol that was used in a awful way. I’m not attacking anyone, just trying to rationalize the meaning of what people are saying. If think of the confederate flag is just like a nazi flag in some aspects.

    • Many people in the south would disagree and/or be offended cole. Remember the civil war started out because the south thought its rights were being taken away and gradually became about slavery as the war went on. Many people in the south consider the confederate flag as a symbol of independence. Not everyone in the south supported slavery but they still fought under that flag.

      • I get you think that the flag doesn’t symbolize slavery or hatred. You must think though it wouldn’t make any sense saying that the south wasn’t a huge supporter of slavery. The flag is what represented them then and what represents them now, a hateful and cruel cult.

  4. I think that it is quite interesting that a teacher at our school has such a close relationship with the confederate flag. The way Ms. Johnson described it as “a secret flag” is cool. It is kind of like a handshake or something. The name Forest and Bedford aren’t that common in the North, so it is cool that these are names I have never really heard before, (I have never met someone with those names). I also find it interesting how “close” I am to the south. I mean mentally, like I have a connection to people with connections to the south.

  5. I just listened to Ms. Johnson and have to agree that most of what she said is true about stereotypes and the kkk that most of them are false but that raises the question why would teachers keep teaching false things when they most likely know it’s false?

  6. I listened to Ms. Liston and I just wonder how someone could have something so large and full of great meaning in their house and not even wonder what it means. I also realized how big of part the Confederate flag played in for the lives of many southern people.

  7. I listened to Ms. Liston’s view on the Confederate flag and I realized how the Confederate flag ment so many things, each person has a different perspective. Just like George G said above, how often do you guys see the Confederate flag? School, In your house possibly?

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