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The Confederate Flag: What does it stand for?



    • In the South, it is easy to say that the Confederate flag is simply a symbol of heritage, but that doesn’t mean it is the only way it is viewed. For a lot of people in the South, though some are not completely willing to admit it, the Confederate flag symbolizes hate and racism. Context is a big part of this issue; if the Confederate flag is displayed in a home, it could simply represent ancestry. However, if a confederate flag is worn in a biracial environment, it can understandably be considered a statement of hate. In the class case, I am on the Supreme Court, so I am looking forward to hearing what each side has to say about the meaning of this flag.

      • Clara,
        Are you saying that the flag really does stand for racism and hate, but that people don’t want to admit it for a reason being that it could cause controversy? Or, are you saying simply that some people think of it as a heritage symbol, and others think differently? I am also a supreme court judge, and I too am looking forward to what the lawyers have to say on the flag!

        • I learned in an article, that the reason why the Confederate Flag is the way as it is, is because some southerners still wanted to pledge allegiant to the flag. When the war started, their were two different versions of the flag. One was very similar to the Union Flag and one was completely different . The one the Confederates choose was the one that was closest to the Union Flag, which was the blue “x” and the red background. I found this information very interesting because the southerners were still interested in the Union. I, too, am also a Supreme Court Judge!

      • Why do you think most southerners see the flag as a symbol of hate and racism, but don’t want to admit it? When you see the flag do you think of your heritage? When I see the flag I think of Slavery, because in the civil war that is what the south was fighting for. When we were learning about the confederate flag Mr. Lenci (our teacher) said he thinks about slavery. Does your classmates and teachers think the same thing, or do they think about heritage?

        • Like Clara and Sarah, I am a judge as well. To tell you the truth, I don’t think of the Confederate flag as being a symbol of slavery, hate, or even heritage. I think of it as a symbol of history instead. As Sarah said, the Confederate flag that we are talking about was not even the Confederacy’s official flag, it was one of their battle flags. Also, as contrary to popular belief, the South did not fight the civil war because of slavery and hatred, they fought it because they felt that their rights were being taken away. They knew that they didn’t want to be a part of a country where they were ignored and overpowered politically and also couldn’t “own” their own “property”. That’s why they seceded. I think that the use of the Confederate flag today is to remember the struggle that the South went through and the bloodshed that occured. Now, that is just my opinion, and there are many other people who do see the flag as a symbol of heritage, Good luck in your case though! I hope this helps clear up some questions!

  1. I think I agree with Clara. I might be wrong but i believe that people from southern states tend to be very proud of their state. I am originally from Southern California and the people there loved the state. We also traveled to places like Texas and New Mexico where they too thought that their state was the best. Maybe this is a factor to why Southerners don’t want to admit the flag represents hate? Im sure there are other meanings to the flag, such as it representing the south, but , we have to remember that the Confederate flag was the symbol for the southerners who wanted to keep slavery.


  2. I was wondering what the BGA kids see the confederate flag as. Do some see it as the symbol of how things use to be when blacks were enslaved or a symbol of your southern heritage? overall what do you see the Confederate Flag as?

  3. I feel that the confederate flag for some people represent different things. Some people who live in the south and like to represent their herritage but for others that live in areas where there is a large section of racial tension might think it represents the kkk (ku klux klan) and people will be offended.

  4. My opinion on the Confederate flag is I don’t think that it is good. I think this because it is referring back to slavery and the north and the south fighting. These are bad memories. This is just my opinion. I don’t think I know enough to say it’s good or bad but if I had to choose I would say it is bad.

  5. After read some of the questions and answers I have found that the way people see the confederate flag is different for everyone. For example, one person may see it as a symbol of hate and failure, or someone might see it as a symbol of strength and Americanism(the country was founded on believe in what was right and wrong and fought for what they believed in). Perspectives vary by the person.

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