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Who are they? Students’ perceptions of the other


    • Do not take this personally, but when I think of the South I think of some of these things. Words such as Slavery and KKK are offensive to me because you think of South but not currently. These words are somewhat burned into my brain. Slavery is one of them; only 23% of people in the South owned slaves. The books make it look worse. It is difficult to go through people thinking of Slavery when they think of South.

    • Out of this wordle, I have to agree with quite a few words including Accents, Sweet Tea, Redneck, Country Music, BQQ, and Warm. Though I agree with these words many of you do not understand that, though there are quite a few rednecks and country accents, not all southerners rednecks. That is more of a generalization of the shows you may see on TV and from small experiences around the south. We are not all rednecks and we certainly are grammatically correct most of the time!

    • This diagram of what the Brookwood students thought to be “the South” is very accuracte although with some things I believe to be innacurate. Most of us do have what you would think to be unusual accents and a majority of us do listen to country music. When you leave the smaller or larger cities you’ll usually only see farmland. Now I do not agree with redneck. While it is easy to believe that with all the tv shows, movies and other form of media that the south consists mainly of rednecks, this is just a poor interpretation. The media makes us look a lot more ridiculous than we really are. Most of us are intelligent and going against what was also put up there out communities are infact well built up. I’m not saying that when you do not go into the backwoods of Tennessee you won’t find some people deemed to be “rednecks”. I’m just saying that, as said before, most os us aren’t rednecks. College football and football in general are very big things in the south. We’re very football crazed and it’s a major part of our culture. The Civil-War is not as much as fotgotten in the South as it is in the North. For a reason, which is unkown to me, we hang onto and try not to forget the war. Almost in every town big or small, there is atleast one statue or landmark in rememberance of the civil war. Cotton is still grown down here and is an important agricultural product today. I personally don’t like the cowboys, but enjoy duck dynasty. Tornadoes are very common here, but not hurricanes. Hot? The barbecue down here is very good and i’m always hungry for it. Now, Black vs. White never happens down here anymore. While there are people still alive that beleive in the “Old South” the idea of slavery and segregation is highly frowned upon and African Americans are now important people in our communities and we now live in peaceful communities regardless of race or color much like in the north.

      • Connor, I do not agree with you on the basis that there is no black white tension in the South or the North. There may be no black white incidents at your school, but you go to a private school. You pretty much are kept in a bubble where can’t see anything outside of it. I’m sorry to tell you this body, but the world is a lot harsher than you think. There is still racial violence as we have seen in the Defoe case and in the Trevon Martin case.

        • Casey, although I do go to a private school that doesn’t mean that I’m kept away from the reality of the outside world. While yes, in a private school there is little to no racial tension as there are at independent schools that does not mean we don’t experience it, and when I stated that, “Black vs. White never happens down here anymore” that may have been a little naive. I should have said that instead Black vs. White isn’t as large of a problem as it used to be, because it still does happen. With all do respect, the idea that private school students are “Kept in a bubble” is a very misleading comment. We have just as much knowledge of whats happpening in United States and National as you do. Infact you can say BGA has taken a large step to expose students to the true nature of the outside world and to prepare them, and in every day life we are made aware that with the good things in the world there come bad things. I’ve known that since I was little. Once again, just because I go to a private school doesn’t mean I’m “sheltered”.

          • Slightly Naive ,eh? I’m not saying that we’re not informed about the country and the world, but I’m saying you are not experiencing the hardships. You really don’t have any major problems like worrying about whether your going to have dinner on the table or whether you may get robbed on your way to school. That’s why both of us are in a bubble. And the thing is you can try to prepare for it, but in reality, there’s not much you can do.

            Sincerely, Casey Gillis
            A proud New England Yankee

          • I agree with Conner, that just because we are more fortunate than others, we are also able to see the bad things that are going on in the world. We are not exposed to it as much, but we know about it. We know about the numerous kidnappings and murders that go on in life, and we know that we need to be careful and watch out, because that can happen to us. Just because we don’t go to Public Schools, where there is a lot more racism and bullying, doesn’t mean that we are clueless about what goes on outside of us.

          • Okay Kevin. All I was saying was that are we really going to get involved in a racial incident at Brookwood? Also, I was saying that we may be informed but were not experiencing this stuff.

          • Well, Casey, it is very unlikely that that would happen. But it could. We are also exposed to what happens to other kids that live in more poor towns. We hear about the kidnapping and killings that go around there. We are not completely blind of what goes around outside of where we live.

        • We don’t live in a bubble. I was on the airplane with the a man and his friend was the guy who’s boat got shot up in the marathon bombing. Violence has lots of connections and there is no way out. Even though we go to a private school we are not living in a bubble.

          • All I’m saying is that we don’t have to face the problems other people do. And, yes terrorism is can strike anywhere as in the BMB. For example, do you have to worry but walking to school without getting mugged. Or worrying about whether your going to have enough money for dinner.

    • From the wordle, there are words that are very accurate about the south, like Football, College Football, Country Music, BBQ, and Sweet Tea. But some of the words you chose are the exact opposite of accurate like Accents and Rednecks. Most people do take the south as being only rednecks, but that’s not correct in anyway. Most of your perspective of Rednecks and Accents come from the TV shows such as Duck Dynasty, or Honeyboo. Yes, those people can be considered rednecks, but that is a small portion of the south. And everyone else have nothing to do with rednecks, and would fit in perfectly with the north.

  1. On the weekends, my family and I regularly go skiing and stay at our house in New Hampshire. This is very important to me and my family because it is a rare time that we get to be together. The week days are pretty busy because my parents are working and I go to school and dance after school, so we never get to relax or see each other. Also, skiing is something that we all enjoy doing, so it’s not just about pleasing one person, it’s about all of us as a group.

  2. In class we did a writing activity where we would write down five words that come to mind when we think about the south. For me those five words consisted of warm, slavery, segregation, confederation, and independence. Almost all of those words were about slavery and the confederation. I think that those images pop into my mind when I think about the south because I don’t know a lot about the south, but I do know those two things because they were two very big parts of U.S. history that took place in the south. I think that my perceptions are accurate but I also think that there is a lot more to the south than just slavery and the confederation.

  3. I have gained my perception about the south from a visit that I took to Nashville. I met many southern people while I was there but didn’t pick up much. I remember that everybody was always so nice to me. I also remember that most of the girls had blonde hair, and most of the people who lived there had eventually obtained a southern accent. Although I spent a few weeks in Nashville, I only got to spend time near the city, so I do not think my perspective is very accurate. But that is what I think of when I think of the south!

  4. My perception of the South came from going to Georgia over the summer. While I was in Georgia I was lucky enough to be able to stay in a nice resort where everyone was so kind and selfless. Everyone was so nice and polite to me even if they were a civilian or worker. My outlook of southerners ended up being very positive. Although, I do not think my perception is accurate. I’m sure that there are many southerners are as nice as the people I met, but I only got to experience the South in an enclosed resort. That being said I had no idea what the South was like outside of the resort and if is was the same.

    • I have been to New York, Chicago, and Washington D.C, and I have seen many different cultures crammed into one city. Everywhere I went there were hundreds on people, and they always have a place to go. I haven’t been anywhere outside of the big cities, so I’m sure it is different. However, in the big cities everyone is a stranger. I live in a place where most of the time you will recognize people in public places. Another major difference between the North and South through my eyes, is that even the Nashville there are places where it is quiet. While in New York, car horns blasted from day to night. The phrase “the city that never sleeps” is not to be taken to lightly. I would like to visit many other places in the North near the future to further expand my idea of the northern life.

      • I agree. I do enjoy the city crazy, but even if you drive 5 miles out of the city it is very peaceful. I know around where Brookwood is you run into people you know much more than in cities. Unless you live there, cities will never really feel that friendly.

      • In response to the wordle BGA made some of it is accurate and some of it is not. I wouldn’t explain the north as Industrial and big cities. Yes we have Chicago, New York and Boston but the south has cities like Nashville, Atlanta, Miami, Orlando, and Charlotte. So I believe if you actually think about those words the could fit either the south or north. I do agree with words like snow, cold and ice especially after we had a foot of snow dumped on us.

    • My perception of the north came from traveling in my automobile from Franklin to Maine and we stopped in many northern extravagent sites. It was a very eye opening trip and it made me see that the south is very different from the north. Traveling to the north made me very happy because I observed that there was multiple chocaelate stores and I LOVE CHOACAELATE. And i’ve been to washington D.c and that was cool because the president lived there. It was also cool because it snowed in the north and I got to play in the snow. The north was a fun expeireince and I hope to go back there soon.

    • My perception of the North has come from being there and people I have met from there. My aunt and uncle live in New York City, and I have gotten a lot of my opinions from visiting them. When I first went, I was nervous because I had heard that people could be really mean and rude, but I’ve learned that a lot of people aren’t like that at all. Most of the time, if someone is rude, it is simply because they are rushing. My mom has also somewhat influenced my view of the North because she grew up in Connecticut. I personally think I have a relatively true perspective of the North.

      • I do agree that Northerners can be “mean” sometimes because we are rushing, but I do not think that is a good way for an overall view of us. Also, I think that New Yorkers can be very different from people from say Massachusetts or New Hampshire or other states. I’m sure this is true for the South as well, but not all Northerners are the same. Some can be mean and some can be nice but I do not think “mean” describes us well because we are all different.

    • I have been to Chicago DC Boston and I have experienced much if the North I do agree with the cold and New York is what people think of when someone syas North. The North is also home the biggest cities and skyscrapers Chicage having the tallest skyscraper in the country. The statue of Liberty is another iconic landmakr people think of. My idea from the North was when I visited Chicago for 2 weeks Boston for a week and Dc for 3 years (I lived there). The winters are much colder and we got snow every winter. The North does have much more industry but no potential for agricultutral development. My idea of the North has been shaped by what I saw when I traveled there. The lights car horns and general noise of a city is almost palpable, but in the south areas where you cannont see the stars as of city lights is very few.

      • It is true that a lot of the north has much more industry, but a lot of times that is in only in the cities. Just north of Boston where just about all of our class lives the towns are very quaint and there quite a few farms. Yes, we are quite developed but the North is not just the big cities.

      • That is not necessarily true at all. A lot of New England and the rest of the North are rural; even as much as the South! I live about 45 minutes away from Boston, the nearest big city, and we are in a very small, quaint town. Cities actually don’t make up that much of the North. It is very quiet.

    • My perception of the North came from when I go to Michigan every year to see close friends. Where I go to in Michigan did not have big cities but it was cold since I go in the winter. There are very nice, friendly people in the North. My perception was that there were big cities with sky scrapers which was because of New York (which I have not been to but I assume these things). While in Michigan there are many kinds of people and in that part of the state I found down to earth people that were all about the outdoors. I have been to Washington D.C., where there are tons of different people. People in the North have accents but not all of the Northerners. My perception was mainly from traveling to Michigan since I have not been to many of the other Northern states.

      • It is true, not all of us in the north have accents. There is such a thing as the “Boston” Accent or the “New York” Accent, but most of us outside of those big cities and quite a few people in those big cities do not have those accents.

    • I have been to different places in the north, such as Washington D.C. The people there weren’t as nice as I’m used to, but it just may be because I grew up in a different culture. Though I have never been to New York or one of the northernmost states, I’ve seen movies and music videos that were supposed to be based on the city and its lights. Every year one New Year’s Eve I watch the performances in Times Square. There are so many people that come out every year to watch the performances made. They usually give an arial view of it, including all of the buildings and sky scrapers. Also, one of my friends went shopping there and described to me all of the stores and business. There is much more in the north than in the south.

      • I understand that your experiences of the north may not have included the nicest people, but there are many kind people here in the north. Now and then you will come across the stereotypical grumpy business man (or woman) but I assure you there are plenty of nice people here.

    • I have only been to the North a few times. One time my family and I went to New York and the other time was when the 8th grade took a class trip to Washington DC. Many of the streets were very crowded and people were always on the move. Most of the buildings were tall and slender, although the parks and monuments we went to were very beautiful and peaceful. One of the main things I enjoyed up there was meeting so many diverse and wonderful people. I have some friends from the North who have northern accents and tell me all about the North. They say that it is very busy and sometimes the streets can be very crowed, but it is really very similar to the suburbs in the South. There are some differences between the North and South, but all in all they are very alike. They are both wonderful places and we are lucky to have them.

    • I was taking a peek at the Wordle the other day and noticed that in not to small but not to large font, there was the word “Mean”. I was just curious as to why that was there. I have always thought of myself as a nice kind of guy. I also think that all of the people in my community seem to be very friendly.

  5. I think that there are definitely people out there, everywhere, that can be mean and/or rude. It is just more prone to happen in big cities, with everyone bustling around. But not all of the North is big cities. I think that it is really interesting that you all think of the North as New York, Washington D.C., and Chicago. I guess I haven’t ever thought of it from a different perspective – I certainly don’t think of it that way, but I can see where you get it from. If you have never been up here, then those are the most commonly known things around. But really, it is probably just like the South – a couple cities, but mostly pretty quiet towns. It would kind of be like if some of us thought of the South as Nashville, or some other cities. I personally feel that it is very cool to get another viewpoint on things.

    • Yeah, tagging onto what a lot of people said, I feel that people in the North are sometimes mean because they are stressed due to work, or they are in a rush to get somewhere. This does take place often in big cities like New York. However, I have been to New York many-many times and there are tons of genuinely nice people there.I do not think when you state that vaguely that it is very true, because if one person out of a group of five people is mean, then it is not very accurate to call all of them mean.

      – Wes D. 😛 :0 🙂

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