The Conversation Continues

Brookwood students:

Part of our dialog with BGA has been about our perceptions of the “other”– how we think about southerners and how they think about northerners. When we started this conversation, we each had some unflattering ideas about the other (northerners as “rude” and southerners as “racist” and “hillbillies”). Our conversation seemed to challenge those ideas, but it’s time to revisit the issue. Now that we are studying the Civil Rights Movement, how do our studies– the viewing of photos such as the one below, video footage of events in Little Rock, and the reading of Warriors Don’t Cry— affect your perception of southerners?

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Brookwood Metaphors

In English class, Brookwood students have been learning about metaphors, and they recently crafted their own to convey what it means to be from this part of the world. Here are a handful of those metaphors, presented without any explanation. We wonder if BGA students have any reaction to them– curiosity about what’s behind one of them, an interpretation of the metaphor, whatever…

Snow days are like sea glass on a beach.

The climate is like a teenager’s emotions.

Drivers are like cannonballs.

The people are like Sour Patch Kids.

The winters are like math class.

Yankees fans are like a swimsuit in winter.

Sports are like shoe brands on Zappos.




We haven’t had much snow this winter, so we’re all psyched! These are two of the three sections of Brookwood students contributing to this blog.

Welcome, BGA, Advent, and Brookwood Students!

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This is year number three of a really cool collaboration between students from BGA (in Tennessee) and Brookwood (in Massachusetts), and we’re thrilled this year to meet students from Advent Episcopal School in Birmingham, Alabama. It’s our hope that the dialog fostered on this blog will help us all broaden our worldview just a bit.