Day 6 – Goodbye Paradise!

Early Morning: Float the Cut!
Have you ever greeted the dawn with a sunrise float down a gently meandering channel, surrounded by friends and spiny urchins, doing all you can to grab the rocky shore before getting swept out to sea? We did.

Down Island Trip: Caves, Bakery, Club Med Beach, and Ocean Hole
The rest of the morning and afternoon were spent on a tour of the island. We began our adventures at some caves, complete with spiders and bats. Nice!


After a quick stop at the local bakery, we made our way to a dazzling pink sand beach once the property of Club Med. Can you see why Club Med might want this property?

Ocean Hole is 600 . feet deep. There’s a jumping wall. We jumped.

Wow, we were pretty exhausted after a day of fun. But it wasn’t over yet. Because we leave tomorrow, we had to clean our spaces.

“My mom is going to be so proud when she heard I touched a toilet!” -Anonymous

We closed out our trip with a bonfire and s’mores. It was beautiful.

Up at 5 tomorrow for our long journey home. See you in Boston!