Day 5 – Run, Swim, Jump, Science!

6:30 AM, and they’re off! All of us in swimsuits and running shoes jumped off the pier and swam across the marina. Out of the water and into a run to the next cut. Another swim, another run. Up a wall, push-up wave, caterpillar sprints, BIG jump! Plastic pick up, swim home. That’s how we started our day.

Then breakfast.

For the morning activities we split into two groups to flip flop the experiences of yesterday – the Cage and Sandbar.

In an effort to investigate sustainable solutions to the over-fishing problem, the Cape Eleuthera Institute constructed an aquaculture net where they are able to investigate best practices for raising fish for food. The top of the pen begins 35 feet below the surface and the bottom of the pen is at 85 feet. The kids loved swimming in clear blue waters and seeing the schools of fish that passed by.

The other half of the group went to Paradise and back this morning. The sandbar is a tiny desert isle surrounded by 85 degree shimmering turquoise water. We anchored the boat, and let the current carry us to the magically smooth sand made up of “ooids.” This stuff sells for big bucks as emollient-to-the-rich-and-famous, so we rubbed it all over our bodies. No lightning today!

After lunch, another split. Both teams got a chance to leap off a high rock into the balmy ocean. This Island School tradition is longstanding, heart-pounding, and a perfect opportunity to conquer fears. The snorkeling along the rocky shoreline was dazzling. Some of us even saw a moray eel.The other half the afternoon fun was the second dissection of the trip. This time, students investigated lionfish anatomy. Guess what we had for dinner?

Look at these amazing jumps!

Ask your kid about the meme battle for evening activities. We laughed a lot.

Tomorrow: LAST DAY.

Overheard in the dorm this early morning: ” At first, time was going by so slowly and I thought the week would never end. Now it’s going way too fast! We only have two more days!”

The campus this evening.