Day 3 – Water Polo, Rays and CSD

Another big one!

We started the day off with a rousing game of water polo. Both teams played hard and the final score was a very close 10,004 to 10,005. You might think these busy children would be beat by 8 this morning, but the big game just gave them energy for more.

After breakfast we split. One group went to attempt to catch some rays, and not of the sunburn variety. No, we were looking for southern stingrays and Caribbean whiptail rays. After burning thousands of calories pushing through Deep Creek (which is not very deep at all), the first group managed to conquer some fears but not catch any beasts. The afternoon group, though, got lucky. They saw a lemon shark and a nurse shark, both juveniles, and caught a female Caribbean whiptail stingray. Be on the lookout for tag #1606.





The other half of the morning involved a tour of the Center for Sustainable Development. At the aquaponics system at CEI, tilapia are raised for eating, and the nutrient rich water from their tanks is continuously pumped into an aquaculture system to grow lettuces, herbs, and kale. In the garden, the kids picked basil for pesto sauce and lettuce for tomorrow’s lunch.


We wrapped up the day with a hands-on lesson on reef fish identification. Ask your kid to tell you the difference between a French grunt and a blue-striped grunt. Just ask.

Time for bed! Another big day tomorrow!