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Alex Rider

Bimba C.
Book Review: Alex Rider

Alex Rider, is a captivating story about a 14 year old boy who is left with no parents, only his uncle. His uncle, Ian, has been taking care of Alex since his parents died. One day Alex comes home from school to see his nanny and friend, Jack. She tells him some dreadful news. His uncle has gotten into a, “Car crash,” and died. Alex is very puzzled because he knows that his uncle was too careful to get into a car crash. Later on in the story, Alex is shown around his uncle’s office before he is to be put into an orphanage. He needs to find the truth of what actually happened to his uncle. So, he climbs out the window to get to the office and his triumphant climb is caught on video. When he finally gets to the other office, a man with a dart gun shoots a sleeping dart at him. He wakes up inside of MI6. After that, his life changes. He goes through training and becomes a child MI6 agent. He goes on many missions all with captivating stories.
Alex Rider has many interesting characters. He himself has learned Karate, many languages and how to survive in any incident. Through all of the time that he has learnt these many life skills, his wilful nanny, Jack, has stood by him including in all of his missions. Alex’s deceased uncle may be dead but his spirit still lives on. This courageous man was a secret MI6 agent himself. These are only, but, a few of the most outstanding characters in the world of Alex Rider.
The characters are only part of what makes this book stupendous. Right from the first word of the story comes alive with intense and extremely well described scenes of integrity and justice. Anthony Horowitz, the author of the Alex Rider series, does an exceptional job of using descriptive words, such as using “Utter instead of said.”
The setting was inspiring and I was able to picture the environment of every community in every scene. If I could pick one series that I have read to have the best descriptions I would pick Alex Rider because Anthony Horowitz describes the places with so much enthusiasm and clarity.
If I was a book critic I would rate Alex Rider 10/10 for outstanding writing and superb scenes. I would recommend this series just because of it’s writing, but, also because of the story that takes place. This series is full of action packed mysteries in which you can solve along with Alex Rider. These books are good for anyone of any age if they are ready for a fantastic mystery. Any ambitious reader that is ready to pick up a New York Times #1 Bestseller, become part with Alex Rider. read more

Book Review on QB 1

qb1-lupica-webQB1 by Mike Lucipa was a #1 New York Times best seller for a reason. A freshman in high school named Jake Cullen comes from a football family. His father, Troy Cullen went into the NFL for a short amount of time, having getting major concussions that stopped his career. His brother Wyatt bringing his high school football time team to championship, not loosing a single game since his Junior year in high school, changes when he goes to College. Jake has followed in footsteps in his amazing brother. He try’s out for his football team, and goes farther then he thinks. Trying to impress a girl named Sarah who in the start liked his brother, but saw jake and it all changed. Jake’s football wasn’t easy easy. He got up against a big great armed boy named Casey, who wasn’t a great friend of Jake. This is a book I greatly enjoyed and I hope you do too!! I really recommend it! read more


KICKOFF, by Paul Mantell, is a story about hard work, teamwork, and selflessness. This gripping non-fiction novel turns the clock back to the 7th Grade days of former NFL stars Ronde Barber and Tiki Barber. Junior High is right around the corner, which means that the beloved football season is a couple days away. If the brothers make it past tryouts and roster cuts, will they make it onto the gridiron, or watch the 8th and 9th Graders from the bench? This book is a gripper that I could not put down, and balances out every aspect of a football-loving duo of 7th Graders into a 156-page masterpiece. Mantell does an excellent job of showing us readers what these two had to undergo, and what the result was. Also, it gave a valuable life lesson that every sports player must know: There is no “I” in team. read more

Safe At Home

Safe At Home
By Mike Lupica

Safe At Home is about a 12 year old boy named Nick Crandall. Nick absolutely adores baseball. Nick is so good at baseball that he made the varsity team for his school! It might seem Nicks got a lot going for him, but his life is far from perfect. The players on Nicks team constantly bug and bully him about wanting a catcher their own age. To make matters even worse, he doesn’t really fit in with his foster parents. They’re both professors and academics is their favorite subject, and Nick doesn’t get good grades. His parents also don’t know a single thing about sports. Nick has to prove that he can belong with his team and his parents. read more

The Rithmatist Book Review

The Rithmatist by Brandon Sanderson, is about a boy named Joel who dreams of becoming a Rithmatist, person who can make the chalk drawings they create come to life. HE finds himself helping a Rithmatics professor to solve a case of young Rithmatists being kidnapped, even possibly murdered. He and his and his friend Melody, go on a quite possibly dangerous adventure striving to solve this case. They encounter many dangers, but still solve the case. But, one question is left unanswered. What, was the reason behind the kidnappings? read more

The Wind in the Willows

The Wind in the Willows

The Wind in the Willows is by Kenneth Grahame. It is about a bunch of animals who live together in the same, “Neighborhood,” and live their daily lives. There are four characters; Rat, Badger, Moley and of course Toad. Although they are animals, they live their lives like humans. Moley and Rat like to go boating out on the river, Badger likes to be in his house in the woods and Toad has many interests but his most cherished and dangerous (to the other animals) is driving cars. While Toad is going crazy over his cars the other animals try to help him go away from his love for cars. Toad escapes the animals grasps and then runs away. He gets put in a dungeon, escapes as an ugly washerwoman, hops on a cargo boat, steals a horse and then trades it with a gypsy. But, when he comes back home his house has been taken over by weasels. Will he ever get his house back? Read the book to find out. read more

Mr. Terupt: A New Kind of Classroom Adventure

Mr. Terupt Falls Again: A New Kind of Classroom Adventure

Mr. Terupt Falls Again is a very fun and amazing sequel to Because of Mr. Terupt, written by Rob Buyea. The genre of this book is realistic fiction. In the sixth grade of Snow Hill School, the seven new students of Mr. Terupt’s class are facing new challenges this year. Jessica wants to learn more about Mr. Terupt’s past, Peter doesn’t want to go to a fancy private school his relatives have all been to, Jeffrey discovers something you wouldn’t see every day on the side of the road, Alexia hangs out with a bunch of older kids that are very dumb and idiotic, and sometimes dangerous, Anna wants to know about her gone father, Luke observes Mr. Terupt and sees some very suspicious things, and Danielle wants to know about someone in her farm’s property. Will there be a happy ending for all? This book is a little different, but in some parts of the book I squealed in delight because it was so good. There are some parts that I would say are a little important and would make you say, “What the heck just happened?!”. I think anyone who wants to read a moving, fun, and surprising book should read Mr. Terupt Falls Again. It may be a little different from the first book, but trust me, you’ll like it. So, what are you waiting for? read more

Cherub: Divine Madness

Divine Madness, by Robert Muchamore, is the fifth part in an amazing series. This book is about a boy named James who has endured pain and suffering as a spy to infiltrate a religious cult known as The Survivors. He must race to discover the link between The survivors and an eco-terrorist group known as Help Earth. To do this he must think like one of them, become one of them using his intellectual and physical training to be a top student and make it to the ark, the boat that will save The Survivors from the next flood of the world. But that’s not the only issue. The Survivors have been known to use brainwashing techniques to trick people into joining them so James must not only face the minds of his enemies but also his own. James, just a kid in his late teen years, must work with ASIS and worse, his own sister to save the world because he is part of a top secret spy branch with a huge advantage, no one suspects there being spied on by children. Overall, this is a good read packed with action and adventure and I highly suggest to it to readers over fifth grade because of the content of vulgarity and because in general, it’s just a big book. read more

The Green Glass Sea

The Green Glass Sea
By: Ellen Klages

The Green Glass Sea is my favorite book of all time. It takes readers on a journey through World War 2 times. Dewey (The main character in the first part of the book ) is living with her aunt because her dad is a scientist and is helping in the army. He gets the job in the army working at Los Alamos (Where they are starting to develop the atomic bomb) and since her dad is going she gets to go to. She starts to live there but get bullied at the school by a kid named suze. But still has some fun with her few friends though. I wont tell what happens next because there are a lot of surprises, Read the book to find out what happens next! read more

Smile Book Review

Smile by Raina Telgemeier is a realistic fiction book about a girl who gets her two front teeth knocked out of her mouth and the struggles she goes through to get all these operations done and to fit in. The main character Raina is just getting out of the car and she races her friends to her door. She is almost there but she trips and falls, One tooth gets knocked out of her mouth and the other tooth gets pushed deep into her gum. She goes to the dentist and he decides to open up her gum and pull out the tooth, then he does a series of operations to get her teeth looking normal again. Raina struggles along the way because she has this big gap in her mouth for people to stare and laugh at. To top it off a major earthquake hits her town and knocks down a bridge that her dad is supposed to be driving across. Will her dad survive? Will she finally fit it after her accident? Will her teeth go back to normal? What would you do if you were in her shoes? Read Smile By Raina Telgemeier to find out! read more

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