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Book Review: QB1 (Lupica)

QB1 by Mike Lupica

Do you have family members that are hometown heroes? Do you ever feel pressurized to repeat their success? Have you ever felt that you cannot get out of the shadow of your family? If these boxes are checked for you, then there is finally somebody that you can relate with. In the book QB1, by Mike Lupica, a high school freshman quarterback has to deal with all of these issues, and has to face the challenge of continuing the family tradition, in one of the most complex and hard-hitting sports today: football. read more

Welcome To The Dark House

Kaia S.5/4/15
Welcome To The Dark House

Have you read the book Welcome To The Dark House? Do you like scary books?
Do you like people dieing in books? Do you like insane twists and unexpected surprises in a book? If so, then this book must be the book for you. But what if you were the character in the book that had a risk of dying? What if you had to face your worst nightmares in reality? And what if you were locked inside a amusement park with rides that were trying to kill you? read more

Food: A Love Story Book Review

Do you like the comedic side of reading or have a taste for reviews? Well, if you’re a foodie or an eatie as Jim calls it, then you should read Food: A Love Story, by Jim Gaffigan. This book is a series of reviews and stories about or involving food based on the experiences of Jim Gaffigan, a standup comedian. He is a celebrated writer with his funny views on parenting in the book Dad is Fat and now his experiences eating all over the country with this book. Right from the first pages of the book when he talks about ‘the buffett rule’, you can tell this will be a good book. I would recommend this book to people because it was fantastic but a good rule is if they have heard his standup then this book is appropriate since it is slightly edgy humor. This book will make the reader laugh so much they’ll have to watch him live. read more

Alex Rider

Bimba C.
Book Review: Alex Rider

Alex Rider, is a captivating story about a 14 year old boy who is left with no parents, only his uncle. His uncle, Ian, has been taking care of Alex since his parents died. One day Alex comes home from school to see his nanny and friend, Jack. She tells him some dreadful news. His uncle has gotten into a, “Car crash,” and died. Alex is very puzzled because he knows that his uncle was too careful to get into a car crash. Later on in the story, Alex is shown around his uncle’s office before he is to be put into an orphanage. He needs to find the truth of what actually happened to his uncle. So, he climbs out the window to get to the office and his triumphant climb is caught on video. When he finally gets to the other office, a man with a dart gun shoots a sleeping dart at him. He wakes up inside of MI6. After that, his life changes. He goes through training and becomes a child MI6 agent. He goes on many missions all with captivating stories.
Alex Rider has many interesting characters. He himself has learned Karate, many languages and how to survive in any incident. Through all of the time that he has learnt these many life skills, his wilful nanny, Jack, has stood by him including in all of his missions. Alex’s deceased uncle may be dead but his spirit still lives on. This courageous man was a secret MI6 agent himself. These are only, but, a few of the most outstanding characters in the world of Alex Rider.
The characters are only part of what makes this book stupendous. Right from the first word of the story comes alive with intense and extremely well described scenes of integrity and justice. Anthony Horowitz, the author of the Alex Rider series, does an exceptional job of using descriptive words, such as using “Utter instead of said.”
The setting was inspiring and I was able to picture the environment of every community in every scene. If I could pick one series that I have read to have the best descriptions I would pick Alex Rider because Anthony Horowitz describes the places with so much enthusiasm and clarity.
If I was a book critic I would rate Alex Rider 10/10 for outstanding writing and superb scenes. I would recommend this series just because of it’s writing, but, also because of the story that takes place. This series is full of action packed mysteries in which you can solve along with Alex Rider. These books are good for anyone of any age if they are ready for a fantastic mystery. Any ambitious reader that is ready to pick up a New York Times #1 Bestseller, become part with Alex Rider. read more

Flush book review

Wells G. Flush May 2-10, 2015
Persevere and follow your heart

Do u like realistic fiction suspense books with crazy events, even casino boats and funny characters. Flush by Carl Hiaasen is a thrilling, uplifting, funny and sometimes even dangerous book. It has twists and turns that make you surprised and cause feelings from within. This book has the nasty people that u dont like, the crazy ones and the good hearted people. There is a predicament with casino boats, illegally dumping. They must sneak around, watch there back and try many adventurous ways of a plan to take em’ down. There will be troubles and troubles that will be tried to overcome. If there was illegal happenings would you investigate and embark on a crazy plan? Would you do it for your community? read more

The Girl Who Could Fly

The Girl Who Could Fly
Written by Victoria Forester
Have you ever wondered what it was like to soar above the sky? To truly feel at home far away from home? Have you ever dealt with a bully who would go to the extent of pushing you out a window? Or put your fate in someone else’s hands? Let go of what you are for someone? Have you ever been a cloud? A McCloud, to be precise. Meet Piper McCloud, an ordinary girl from Lowland county…. or is she?
Ever since she was born, Piper has been a loner; no friends, no school, living on a farm, all by herself except for her two parents and her uncontrolled ability to float. Yes, float. Not fly but float… until one day Piper decides she’s had enough of floating and wants to fly, to soar in the sky. That one decision changes everything. At the town picnic, Piper joins in the baseball game, which is harmless, right? Wrong. In front of the disbelieving eyes of the whole county, Piper chases a fly ball… into the sky, giving her a first class helicopter ticket to INSANE, an institute run by Leticia Helion and devoted to keeping kids with crazy abilities like Piper’s “safe”. At INSANE, Piper will know others who have telekinesis, can control static electricity, control weather, see peoples’ underpants (X-ray vision), and an eleven-year-old genius named Conrad. Conrad is also the school bully, and will do things like push Piper out of a window and hook a six-year-old’s woven basket on a nail on the ceiling. But Conrad is also the only one who knows the truth about INSANE. Can he convince Piper and the others to believe him, and to escape with him, after all he’s done to them?
Although I have never truly flown, I would like to, and I do understand that level of freedom that Piper almost definitely has when she flies. I experience it when I swim, when I read, when I sprint after sitting for a while. I understand as well that feeling of trying to see the best in everyone, looking for one spark of goodness in a dying fire. But perhaps the thing I share the most with Piper is that we both want to follow our hearts and disregard our brains completely, which Piper does countless times in this book. It may not always be the most rational path, but like Piper I believe it’s the best one.
When Piper first arrives at INSANE, she has to promise to not fly at all until she is told she may. When Piper breaks this rule almost immediately and is caught, INSANE threatens to send Piper back home. Just like INSANE, many people will criticize others just for being themselves, whether it’s by bullying or advertising (they may show images that make the watcher or reader feel bad) or peer pressure. And the sad thing is that many of these people let the taunting or images or their friends get to them. In my fourth grade classroom, there was a poster that said “In a world of copycats, be an original.” Think about it, though. Does anyone you know, yourself included, even follow this great piece of advice?
The Girl Who Could Fly is by far one of the best books I’ve ever read. It has something for everyone, whether you’re a control freak, mischievous, a small girl with a big heart, a big boy with a small heart, a genius, quiet, pretty, mean, secretive, or caring. The girl who could fly will leave you crying out your heart and then make you smile for hours just thinking about it. Join Piper on her journey to INSANE, but be warned – you may learn more than you ever wished to know. read more

The Fault in Our Stars

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to have cancer? How would it feel? Would you die? Would you be afraid? Well in The Fault in Our Stars, John Green, brings you into the eyes of 16 year old lung cancer patient, Hazel Grace Lancaster. She lives at home with her mom, dad, and oxygen tank almost always by her side.
Hazel is forced by her parents unwillingly to go to a support group where she meets 17-year-old Augustus Waters and instantly falls in love with him. He had cancer and it was cured by getting his leg amputated and never being able to play baseball again. They start to date and bond over books, movies, and cancer. One of Hazels favorite book is called An Imperial Affliction by Peter Van Houten because she can connect to the character who has cancer. Augustus reads the books and is annoyed at how it ends without an answer so he emails him hoping for a reply.
There are big surprises in this book that warm your heart and also crush it, so if you are into heartbreaking stories about teenagers I would definitely recommend this book to you. I personally fell in love with the characters in this story and the plot. Although I would recommend it to everyone because it surprises people when they think they won’t like it.
If you want to know what it feels like to struggle and fight cancer, to find out what happens when Augustus emails Peter, or the big ending read this book! Try not to keep the characters too close to your heart. read more

Invasion of the Overworld Book Review

By Hunter L. May 2, 2015
Invasion of the Overworld Book Review

Have you ever had the experience of being transported into a strange new world? That had a strange texture, not soft, not smooth, but it almost seemed “Blocky”. Have you ever had to fight millions of zombies, skeletons, creepers, and an evil Enderman emperor that is trying to jump from world to world to come into the real world and destroy your friends, family, and everyone else in the entire world? read more

Halo: The Flood

Max P 4/28/14

Halo: The Flood
by William. C. Dietz

What if you knew that in only a matter of time a brutal virus was to kill humanity and that they relied on the evolved humans to save our kind. In the book Halo: The Flood by William. C. Dietz is a story about the soldier of the future, Master Chief. He must set out aboard Pillar of Autumn
to destroy the ring Halo, but him and his team, gypsy company, accidentally unleash a humanity threatening virus known as The Flood. Master Chief and his A.I. Cortana must defeat the virus before it can infect Autumn and kill the rest of humanity, however this may be a little too much for just them.
The story takes place in many different place spread throughout the known universe. Aboard the Pillar of Autumn, then after crashing, on the halo ring they are allied with the Covenant, Arbiter.
This honestly is an amazing book to read because it has a lot of plot twists and cliffhangers. More or less I’d recommend this book to guys because they’d probably find it more interesting in its plot and idea. The book is in no way real at all because it takes place between the years 2553 and 2556, 553 years into the future.
But to any standards you should read this book to see if Chief and the Arbiter can defeat the opposing flood and save humanity from the threat. read more

Book Review Kingdom Keepers Disney After Dark

What would you do if you turned into a half-human half-hologram? If you had to fight animatronic Disney villains in the middle of the night? Kingdom Keepers: Disney After Dark is a painstaking, exciting, action mystery that really shows what teamwork is all about. This book shows that you should never give up and always keep on fighting for your goal. read more

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