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What will you do if you know it is your last day on earth

If i knew it was my last day,

I would thank God for being God,
I would praise God for being perfect,
I would plead to God for forgiveness.

If i knew it was my last day,
I would make peace with every person,
I would deeply dedicate my gratitude to my parents,
I would never waste my tears to those that do not value
them like some do. read more


HEY! Happy to meet you again. its too hard to choose something to do when you know that its your last time to do it but i am gonna try.
for me if they told me that it was my last day on earth i would like to do many things but most of all i would make sure that i leave a history behind that if i die people would know that i once lived and that my life served as a lesson to others.
and as the quote says “Do not follow where the path may lead .Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail”.
it was a pleasure to share with you my ideas.
see you soon.
by Ruzindana Wendy Ornella.
FAWE GIRLS’ SCHOOL.. read more

What will you do if you know it is your last day on earth?

Oh,my goodness!that would be contingency news I have ever received in my whole life I guess.But we all have to accept that that will come,right?Well everything on earth has its own time and season.And I believe that what goes around comes back around.There is one and only special gift one could ever receive and that is life. read more

what wil you do tday if you know it’s your ast day on earth

GOSH what will i do ? what i’m sure of is i would take 20 minutes of crying !!!!
anyway i would go to a club because it would be so sad to leave the earth without doing the unthinkable. but before that i would eat the greatest breakfast ever , take the longest shower !! go have fun with my friends for the last time, i woud thank my parents for the great love they gave me annd finaly i would pray to God to give me a happy ending to go heaven read more

What would I do if I know it is my last day on earth

I would wash my dog in the morning, cook breakfast for my parents before going to work, i would eat chocolates though I know the spoil teeth but I wouldn’t care ,burgers.
I would eat chips and rice with beans. read more


I fast want to greet you guys . if i had one day on earth ,i would first pray for the day for it to morverours. then i go to vist my family and friends for 5 hours after i go to the best lunch in the best hotel.then some of my money in the orphanage for 2 hours and at exactly 3 i go to my boyfriend then i spend 6hours with him and then we go to the best disco up to 6:30pm in those hours i dance, eat and drink and go home and pray the last prayer then sleep.thanks. read more

what would you do if you know today is your last day on earth

ohhhhhhhhh gash I would do many things first I would go to the club dance take some Whisky and Amarura , I would go and tell my b.f how much I love him and call my mum tell her that I love her and that I will miss her and tellher to greet dad I.
I would take my best friend to some sweet place eat something we have never eaten ,i would take my diary write every thing that ever happened to me i would get a flash with j.b songs watch my favourite movie I would take one last selfie finally pray and sleep waiting for my moment to come..
From FAWE Girls School.(vociferous group) read more


hi, for me if i would die to day ,i would first of all ask for my forgiveness to lord necessary without leaving any behind and after that i can also go to the RWANDAN EDUCATION BOARD to ask for my examination and tell them that i have a very big problem so if they donot give me my examination paper they will pay my school fees ha…………,in the end i can go and take my lovely pillow and my lovely bed cover with everything i like to eat after that i can say lord please take me now i am satisfied with my last day. read more

if i knew i was going to die the following day

i would first cry thinking that all the 9 grades at school were all in vain .I would not leave to see my future and to become a neurosurgeon…ooh how painfull!Then say bye to my family and friends,ask for forgiveness from GOD then die in peace.
but before all that,i would first do the craziest thing that i fear most, skiing.i would also tell my favourate actor LOGAN HENDERSON in BIGTIME RUSH that i love him so much,the same goes to my role model DR BEN CARSON.i would thank him so much for his inspiring words and that all the academic success i achieved after reading his books was very pleasing and encouraging.Guys if you didnt read his books,please do,now.I assure you,you will be the best you could be.I could lastly get my phone,go to the playlist and play all the songs of ONE DIRECTION coz i love them so much…I guess thats all.

What would I do if my 24 hours were my last???

If I were to die tomorrow, I would go to Sky Zone one last time. It was really fun there, and since I haven’t been there in a while, I would want to go there a final time before I go up to heaven. I would also read my favorite book before the lights lift. And I would watch my favorite movie, or maybe my worst movie (Into the Woods? Maybe?) for it to be a thank you and an apology to a movie I liked and hated. I would also play a few games on my phone before I bite the dust. Maybe submit something funny on Instagram?? I don’t know. I would also take a quick walk down Memory Lane before I bite the dust– for eternity. read more

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