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Do you believe in fate?

I believe in an idea that I read in a book once. I believe that there are many different versions of the future waiting to happen. Depending on what we do in the present, those versions of the future get more likely or less likely to happen. read more

Do you believe in fate?

I think the things that happen in your life are a mix. Some things are unchangeable, like the hair color you are born with (although you can dye it later). Other things are within your control, like the friends you make, the grades you get, or choosing to be happy. read more

Fate, is it Real?

I believe things happen for a reason. That reason is not fate. Things happen because somebody makes them happen. If I became president, it wouldn’t be because of fate, it would be because I worked hard in life. Have you ever seen a couch potato become president? Or love, enough with the cheesy “It was fate” talk, you fell in love because you put time and effort into the relationship and were nice. People who are rude and unlikeable often don’t fall in love because they don’t try to be nice. That is why I don’t believe is fate, your future is in your hands, not fate’s. read more

Do you believe in Fate?

I don’t think fate is real. I think that people are able to choose what they do in life. Everybody makes their own decisions. No two people are the same and that is because they choose what they do which makes them different and unique. read more

I believe in fate

I believe in fate because I think everything does happen for a reason. I think that when something you want doesn’t happen there’s always something else your meant to do. Just like the saying, when one door closes another door opens. read more

It Fate Real?

I do not believe in fate. I think life can happen however you want it to happen. I would rather do what I want to than have a feeling that their is a force that is making me follow a specific path in life. read more

Do you believe in fate?

Hi, I am Mike and I go to Brookwood school in U.S.A. Sometimes I do believe in fate and sometimes I don’t. I believe that not everything that happens has a reason but I also believe that if you do some good things, good things will happen to you. read more

Fate is really true

I do believe in fate because fate is the one that makes us do actions and not forgetting that it is the one that makes us who we are and if fate was not true bad things would not happen because people would be the ones to choose what must happen to them,but because they must happen then they happen. read more

Do you believe in fate?

Fate is the idea that events are predetermined. The wheels of our lives were set in motion when time began, and will continue to roll well after we are gone. Is fate real? Or does life unfold randomly? What do you have to say about it? Thanks to the brilliant minds at FAWE School in Rwanda for this sharp and thought-provoking question! read more

Do you believe in fate?

I do think that fate is real because I feel like things do happen for a reason. For example, I got on a faster boat on the way to one of our school field trips to Hurricane Island. There were two fast boats and two slow boats. All of my friends were on the same fast boat with me. I was put on one of the fast boats because I was nervous about the boat ride. The teachers figured I would worry less if it was a quicker ride. I had alot of fun. As fate would have it, they had a solution for my worries and faster boat for me and my friends. This taught me to take risks and to live life to its fullest. read more

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