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The sorrowful Rain

It pours down.
It falls.
It drenches me in sorrow,
sorrow of how wrong it went.
How wrong I felt.
I made my decision.
I made it wrong.
The rain scolds me.
Tells me.
Tells me things I don’t want to hear.
Oh the wet, I don’t want to feel.
Oh the noise, the pit-pat on my shoes.
The drip-drop on my shoulders.
It builds up
And up
And up
It builds up until I can feel
the weight
on my shoulders.
Sinking me
Drowning me
Pouring me
I gasp, short breaths,
until I feel the air wash away
The sorrow returns
The wet drenching me,
Pouring me,
Sending chills down my spine.
I open my mouth toward the sky,
Towards the blistering heavens
I do not taste the pit-pat
or drip drop.
I taste the harsh
Reality. read more

Poets Fly

Poets Fly

Poets fly, but we don’t have wings
Poets swim, but we don’t have feet
Instead we have feathers ten of them
That give us lift

Poets dance, but we don’t have legs
Poets cimb, but we don’t have thumbs
But minds that sing read more

Poets Fly

Poets Fly

Poets fly, but we don’t have wings
Poets swim, but we don’t have feet
Instead we have feathers ten of them
That give us lift

Poets dance, but we don’t have legs
Poets cimb, but we don’t have thumbs
But minds that sing read more

If only God were

If only God were to be coming would I allow? no!

I dreamed of him, but his [he is] nowhere,

Many wants him but I also do!

Why me God?

Is it that am ugly? Aren’t u the one that created me ? read more

Free at Last

The taste of freedom is fresh,
With a sweetness rivaling sugar.
Like magic tingling on my tongue,
And laughter, light and airy.


It has faint flecks of bitterness,
The challenge that was overcome. read more

Life’s Sonnet

Life is like a sonnet, I was once told.
It has its rule and its limitation,
Its restrictions, its restraints, and sometimes
Even points where it seems impossible.
But, what you put into it is your choice.
Your desires are reflected in your
Hard work, and everything you make is yours. read more

A Medieval Morning

A Medieval Morning

I watch him, that perfect soldier, my kin.
The sun rises over the tall beautiful castle.
I wait patiently. He places the helmet on his head.
His golden hair and blue eyes that father passed to him, but not me.
His sharp silver sword shines like a shard of a mirror in his hands. read more

Farm of Dreams

Golden wheat fields,
rosy tomatoes,
and emerald broccoli grow as
their owners water them with

I am the Dreamkeeper,
the one who grows
the seeds of Dreamers
young and old. read more

Just a Day in the Meadow

Bathed in glorious sunshine,
stretching towards the great blue beyond,
the tiny, precious dewdrops
sliding down my back.

The sweet honey aroma,
the fresh Earth’s scent,
the perfume of my brethren. read more

Social Media

I am very passionate about social media. Most people believe that social media is a place for hackers, cyber bullying and much more, but when I think of social media, I think of different things. I believe that social media is a great platform for people to interact with each other. Nowadays, Social media is used for so much more than sharing pictures with your followers on myspace. With companies that have made millions of dollars in social media apps, it has been more present in our lives than ever. I believe that social media is a good thing. It helps us stay in touch with our friends that we may not see too often. Sharing pictures, status updates, six second videos, daily vlogs, all of the above. Social media has taken the world by storm, and for good reasons too. The most recent craze, is youtubers. People that vlog about their day, do q and a videos with fans, and participate in crazy challenges. People seem to be drawn towards this. Youtubers have grown into incredibly successful people with fans all over the world, and this is because of social media. Social media allows you to grow closer to people that you share the same interests over. You meet tons of new people, and make new friends. Social media also allows you to express yourself in many different ways. Many people now have blogs, online magazines, food rating sites anything that allows you to voice your opinion. Social media can also take the form of something that helps the community, if you recall in 2014, the ALS ice bucket challenge swept the nation trying to raise money for ALS syndrome. After about a year and half later, having celebrities, sports icons, and even President Obama participate in this challenge, they raised 15.6 million dollars to go towards a cure for ALS. Social media can also be used in hostile situations. In the Paris attacks in November of 2015, people were taking to twitter to save lives. Tweets were sent out containing an address in Paris where people could hide from the attackers. #ouvrelaporte was used to signal that that house was safe to stay in. That hashtag saved a number of peoples lives. Nowadays social media is used for so much more than some people like to believe. It is -for the most part- being used safely and responsibly. So I beg you, next time you think about social media, stay away from the negative side, and look at the bright side, it is helping so many people grow businesses, raise awareness for causes, and in some cases, keep people alive. read more

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