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Free at Last

The taste of freedom is fresh,
With a sweetness rivaling sugar.
Like magic tingling on my tongue,
And laughter, light and airy.


It has faint flecks of bitterness,
The challenge that was overcome.


Suspended in one moment, one world.


An artist paints a scene
Of a girl jumping higher than
Ever before,
The wretched orphanage
Looming in the distance.


The lone girl, the orphan who
Defied the Fates and
Skimmed the stars.


The one who is free at last,
A drop of water in
A vast sea.


I am alone,
But I will never be lonely again.
I am one with nature,
And in this moment,
Suspended in time,
I am



  1. Maile Black

    I hope you are feeling especially free NOW, Carly! On the other hand, if you can feel free even in the thick of duties and obligations (and homework), then you are definitely doing it right. This gives me a lot to think about. Keep posting!

  2. umurerwa nice

    sooo emotional . but thats you after all we have to be free

  3. Azabe Delice

    wow!sooo cool!that’s what we are waiting for after all that we go through.

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