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A Medieval Morning

A Medieval Morning

I watch him, that perfect soldier, my kin.
The sun rises over the tall beautiful castle.
I wait patiently. He places the helmet on his head.
His golden hair and blue eyes that father passed to him, but not me.
His sharp silver sword shines like a shard of a mirror in his hands.

I chuckle as my brother starts on a stroll down to the field.
His beautiful strong horse’s hooves
clip and clop on the castle’s beautiful cobblestone walkway,
that someday I will ride down with pride.
Soon I will have a horse, land, a silver sword, and a lady.

A soldier rides to my kin,
pulls something shiny and silver from his pouch.
A sword carves through his strong, chain-mailed stomach.
I see red, like wine on clean linens.
His body drops off his horse, lifeless in the field.

I walk to my deceased brother and whisk away his possessions,
hold them up to the sun and whisper,
mine it’s all mine.


  1. Maile Black

    Whaaaaaat?! Wow, Wells! Gruesome and delightful plot twist!

  2. umurerwa nice

    cool mn keep up

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