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Month: October 2015

Do you believe in Fate?

I don’t think fate is real. I think that people are able to choose what they do in life. Everybody makes their own decisions. No two people are the same and that is because they choose what they do which makes them different and unique. read more

I believe in fate

I believe in fate because I think everything does happen for a reason. I think that when something you want doesn’t happen there’s always something else your meant to do. Just like the saying, when one door closes another door opens. read more

It Fate Real?

I do not believe in fate. I think life can happen however you want it to happen. I would rather do what I want to than have a feeling that their is a force that is making me follow a specific path in life. read more

poem the fairy land

In the fairy land
Where fairies fly like flies
Where you face the unfamiliar
Is where I strive for


Do you believe in fate?

Hi, I am Mike and I go to Brookwood school in U.S.A. Sometimes I do believe in fate and sometimes I don’t. I believe that not everything that happens has a reason but I also believe that if you do some good things, good things will happen to you. read more

Fate is really true

I do believe in fate because fate is the one that makes us do actions and not forgetting that it is the one that makes us who we are and if fate was not true bad things would not happen because people would be the ones to choose what must happen to them,but because they must happen then they happen. read more

the best

For he the best
the best he deserve
a mouse that kills a cat
a mosquito that drags a COW
for the he is HARE.

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