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Excerpt from Poetry Anthology


Poetry is something, odd
Just inexplicably, abnormal
It’s where all these words and phrases are smushed together
And create some beautiful and complex
The wholesome odor of grass and buds
The breeze making my hairs stand on end
Brrr..I guess that myth about spring breeze being invigorating is slightly overrated
Everything is so peculiar and out of order
And yet, in some strange, harmonious unison
The Black-Capped Chickadee sounding off its signature chirp
The rippling of the pond
The vibrant Northern Cardinal giving its say about the world
With the geese chiming in
It sounds so weird
Yet, it’s so authentic
So real, so vivid
It’s like you can feel the breeze on your skin
The rushing sound of the creek water
The vibrancy and beauty
Of spring
Poetry is something, very obscure
Nobody really knows the true term
Undefinable, declarative, passionate, beautiful read more

Owls in the Night

Hidden in the trees
The moon is shining bright
At the owls in the night
They are completely out of sight
A soft breeze through the air hits the owls skin
Owls in the night
Hidden in the trees read more



The plane takes off
Leaving the stress behind
The cold behind
The snow behind
Three hours go by
In darkness
In quietness
In boredom
The whole flight was totally worth it
I look out the window
I see light blue crystal clear water
I laugh because its not ice
Theres no mountains of snow
Just clear water
I see white but its not snow its sand
I see reefs and boats
When I see land I see
Beaches, Palm trees, and bright green grass
I can’t count how many islands there are
but there are so many read more



Right through
nothing touched
into the basket
wet and smooth.

The roar
from the crowd
blanked my head,
sweet VICTORY.

“Mom, where did all my socks go?!”

All my socks, like, fall into the depths of the dryer.
At one point, I had what felt like a million socks.
Now I have two.

Is there a monster in there or something?
Or are socks just magical?
I look through the laundry pile,
Every. Night.
And nothing.
I then look in my sock drawer.
Nothing! read more

The Rollercoaster– Extended Metaphor Poem

A scary rollercoaster.
Twists and turns.
I think that it is going up,
Then drop
It goes down.
Creaking and climbing again.
Secretly, I want to get off.
I want to scream
But I can’t breathe.
My stomach is in my mouth
It goes back down
The wheels screech to a sudden halt
The ride is over. read more

The Best Feeling on Earth

The best feeling on Earth.
(Extended metaphor)
That first time you step on the ice
you feel exhilarated, elusive
the warm-ups are like the night before Christmas
or the morning before a test,
you are just putting the finishing touches on.
The breakaways are like the peak of the mountain,
the goals against are like your gear falling off
or the branch that you built your tree house on snapping
The end is near,
your worst fear is.
Buzz, the crowd erupts, your feelings burst
your mind splatters,
your senses sense happiness.
It’s over. read more

Who are You?


Shackles Of Hatred

I forge my own shackles
From the metal of my sins
That nobody can hear clank and crackle.
I forge my own shackles
filled with hatred that crackles
Over the freedom I cannot win.
I forge my own shackles
From the metal of my sins. read more

The Top of the World

the air was cold and thin
I was very tired
and very hungry

but determined to find a way
down the steep white sloop

the sounds of other peoples voices
their thoughts the same as mine read more

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