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Drown me

Drown me

In music class we learned the arts
Dancing, playing music, singing,
And over time, I gave them all up
As I was drowning
But my best friend didn’t
She danced, she sung, she drew better than any other
The way she danced was captivating
I was drowning
I rose and fell as she did,
I began to love dance as I watched her
I was drowning
One day I realized it was her I loved not the dance
I was drowning
I didn’t know what to do I wasn’t used to this
I was drowning
But others noticed her too
And as she pirouetted into my heart
she spun into his too
She wasn’t drowning
So at a slow song she danced once again
I was drowning
And as she rested her head on his shoulder
boy gripped me close I was drowning I was drowning
I was drowning she was smiling
She was smiling, and so was this boy
I wanted to break away he gripped me closer
I’ve been drowned

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  1. Oh my gosh. This poem is so deep and sad and I can’t deal with it. Kudos to whoever wrote it. You are brilliant.

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