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what would you do if you were king or queen for a day

If i were queen in 24 hours,i would do many things and they can be successful.these things include the following
First hour,i would assemble people to thank them for their trust and request them to work with me this day and there mustn’t be an overhead kingdom by accepting and doing my orders.I would like to understand their problems and where they work well politically,economically and socially so that i can get a start.
Then,i would provide food for everyone especially peasants so that they can work well and moral,there must be people who didn’t eat for like three days and today,they have a chance of having food which can’t be wasted.
I can teach them to conserve food well because it is important for future needs.
I shall promote schools,and orphans by giving them basic needs so that children or any other people who wants to study,to fell loved and free loved and free to express his/her feelings in the country.
Teach parents that their children are tomorrow’s future,girl’s right should be promoted by gender balance in politics.boys shouldn’t go to school alone while girls are working.they must work and go to school together.
Find a project for street kids,some of them are creative and can be very useful to the country and it’s my responsibility to satisfy everyone.street kids must also be cared for and loved.
Promote strong army for defense and expansion,strong army to protect the country or kingdom should be established for more insurance of security.
Promoting justice,remove corruptions like people who don’t provide justice and put innovated ones there must also be abolition of classes so that people can get same rights and feel free to talk or work together.
All these things can be done in eighteen hours.At the 20th hour,i would create a ceremony to celebrate the innovation and success that we made in our hard working.There could be children or people who never got freedom to do anything and this can be their chance to relax,make friends,have fun and eat.I would become friends with citizens because it is the best thing a king or queen can ever do for his/her citizens,with friendship ll things are possible.
I would go out with my friends and relatives,for shopping,watching TV and get all the enjoyment of life because they sayI would go to best places ever and realize every dream i had of going to many places.then,I would return in the ceremony remaining one hour.I would take pictures of every enjoyment i made i had to keep it as remembrance of that i was once a queen.
I would ask a word and say
I believe that this day can become unforgettable for me,for every one and for God.The last 5 minutes,i would sit down on a big bed of a real queen with a crown on my head and think of how this day was,what i did and watching all pictures i took,till i sleep.
Written by Igiraneza Henriette Noellah


  1. Maile Black

    You sounds like a very organized, generous, and forward-thinking leader. I’d vote for you! Thanks for posting!

    • henriette noella

      hi Maile,
      thanks for this comment and for the vote.
      lots of love

      • Regina Ng Yan Qi

        Hello Henriette,how are you?
        This is a great essay.
        This helped me get some points for an essay writing competition.
        Thanks a lot.

  2. Deli garnet

    woow !you sound intelligent.you got good timing for things.it’s wonderful!

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