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i salute you
the world is a liabrary we don’t choose what to read but we choose a lesson and knowing that proper preparatiopn prevents poor may be confused of what i mean .here i mean that if i had that chance of being a king or queen ,i wouldn’t just spend all the twenty four hours in eating or drinking although they can not be left behind since it could be the only chance in life .
oh what a wonderful chance in life!!!!anyway i would firstly thank god god for the great opportunity i would have received from him through all communicating instruments to show the world that king or queen so and so has ever existed.after that i would walk around the palace checking each everything that is fund in it
politically ,i would change some rules and regulations as anew queen for the palace ,giving freedom and rights the people in the palace ,enforcing rules for those who use violence making sure that weak leaders are replaced by strong leaders who will emphasize the citizens to work hard for themselves and the palace in general
economically,i would solve all the problems concerning poverty by providing food and clothing to the poor people including orphans and widowers that i would have found in the palace. after all these i would call all the people with the palace fr a party mostly beautiful girls in need of a woman to be my queen or man to be the queen’s husband and after the part i enjoy with my queen or husband
enjoyment, i would call all my family members ,friends and relatives for a special party out of the palace and we chill ,eat ,drink, and have fun for all kinds .from that party would go for shopping every kind of clothes and shoes that i felt having before being a king or queen and others that could be looking better for a king or queen making people understand what it means by being a king or queen from there i would finally go to a best place in the whole world and finish all the remaining hours with my queen or husband eating,drinking and getting pictures for the memory.

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  1. Well done. I’m curious: what laws would you change or enact? Thanks for posting!

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