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what would you do if you were king or queen for a day

None can miss or lack what to do clasping an opportunity like this one.But one of the quickest thing that can come in my mind is having fun and enjoy myself.
First thing in the morning I would implement a law about education.Establishing an education system which blocks no one’s abilities but empowers everyone especially girls and have an impeccable confidence to outstretch their potential.I would emphasize on the social outcast,tell them that they are tomorrow leaders.The change I’m talking about is not the one which destroys what was built but which widens them up ahead with an assuming bright out come.
I would then encourage my citizens to be proactive creative and co-operate with each other so as to improve their standards of living.Show them the importance of expressing one’s feelings and the freedom of speech.
Secondly,i would go to school tell our matron to clear the dormitories up and down,in all corners not also forgetting to tell them to fetch water in all students’ buckets.After that I would then tell my teachers to write all notes for me and all drawings.I would also order some of them to sing for i know that some can even make a baby cry while he/she was asleep and dance for me like cartoons!
Lastly,i would visit every corner of my palace and seeing its luxuriant garden if it’s there of course and sit under the shade of the trees writing every detail of what happened on this incomparable day in my diary and enjoy with the few minutes left wearing the crown.

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  1. I think you need more than a day for all this! This is so interesting. Who do you mean when you say “social outcast”?

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