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by the time they told me this motion ,i was already searching for points because you just can’t imagine the way it is interesting
so the question is ‘what would you do if you were king or a queen for a day’ well for me i think it would be the best day of my life and it would be very fantaglumorous and jubilistic!!!!!
first of all and most importantly i would encourage people to have freedom of speech because with that i would know what they really think of the country and what they think we can do to develop it
secondly i would change the education system of RWANDA from western to Cambridge which actually many students claim for!!!!
i would also incourage creativity especially in youth or what we call TEENAGERS which would decrease the number of unemployed people just as people who created FACEBOOK ,WHATS APP ,INSTAGRAM ,TWITTER and so on got many followers and much money just because of their creativity.
FINALLY THE BEST PART , i would throw a party in my palace where i would wear the best dress made by the most incredible and famous designer ,i would wear the greatest high heels ever on earth and invite my friends ,family,and many other the best part is i would tell my physics,biology,geography and entrepreneurship teacher to sing for me which would be funny because all of them have bad voices and i would tell my dad to wear as Chris brown and dance the way Chris brown does and also tell my mom to wear as Nicki minaj and sing the way Nicki minaj do!!! and there i would die of laughter because my mom is always at church praying and she hates Nicki minaj and my dad doesn’t even know who Chris brown is !!!
IN THE END, i would this day unforgettable for me,my family,my friends,my school and the country at large.
thank you, this was presented by HIRWA Kelly Jessica, ,FAWE GIRLS’ SCHOOL,GRADE 9,FOM THE VOCIFEROUS GIRLS!


  1. I LOVE it! Your excitement and jubilance and fantaglumorsity comes across loud and clear in every word!

  2. Annick et Pati

    July 2, 2015 at 6:02 pm

    Kelly, u killed us with that Last part… P√Ęti is still laughing walai that was fantaglorious (joining u with these Fantathingy lol…)

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