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we are eleven and have met only once.
“who’s the new girl?”
i hear from across the room
i turn on my heels.

eleven and a quarter and we wear the same shirt to school.
“isn’t it soft?”
i say with as much confidence as i can muster
i take a step towards her. read more

Drown me

Drown me

In music class we learned the arts
Dancing, playing music, singing,
And over time, I gave them all up
As I was drowning
But my best friend didn’t
She danced, she sung, she drew better than any other
The way she danced was captivating
I was drowning
I rose and fell as she did,
I began to love dance as I watched her
I was drowning
One day I realized it was her I loved not the dance
I was drowning
I didn’t know what to do I wasn’t used to this
I was drowning
But others noticed her too
And as she pirouetted into my heart
she spun into his too
She wasn’t drowning
So at a slow song she danced once again
I was drowning
And as she rested her head on his shoulder
boy gripped me close I was drowning I was drowning
I was drowning she was smiling
She was smiling, and so was this boy
I wanted to break away he gripped me closer
I’ve been drowned read more


When I was 12 years old, I got my ears pierced after years and years of begging my parents. 6 weeks later, when the day finally came that I could take out the crappy little silver ball-shaped earrings and change them, my dad gave me a little box. I opened it and smiled. In the box, so delicately placed, were earrings shaped like claddaghs. Claddagh is Gaelic, meaning love, loyalty, and friendship. I looked up at him and smiled. They meant so much.
When I was 13 years old, my parents got divorced. I became distant and quiet, and kept to myself, only letting out my feelings through songs that I wrote, but hid in my tattered notebook. I was alone, and no one could do anything about it, because I chose to be alone. I still wore those claddaghs in my ears. They still meant something.
When I was 15 years old, I saw him with her. She was slim and young and pretty and petite. She looked happy. He looked happier. I locked myself in my room for a weekend and didn’t come out, not even for food. I was still wearing those claddaghs. My dad knocked on the door. I ignored him. I took out the earrings, and dropped them out of the window of my tiny New York apartment bedroom. They landed in the middle of the busy street, and I didn’t care at all. They meant nothing anymore. read more


hey buddies!
oh what was the question ?if i was a queen for a day what would i do ?
oh they are many things that i can do but i’ll try to summarize
i would set a program which make teenagers to know their talents
yeah ,i know !you’re asking yourself why i’m focusing on teenagers ,is it because i’m a teenager too?no!
it had been proved by researchers that the reason why many people of these days are jobless,it is because many teenagers /youth don’t know their talents which would push them to create their own jobs instead of searching for jobs.
so i would make sure that the program is included in the school curriculum
for example.JULIANNA KANYOMOZI (a Ugandan)didn’t know her talent until there was a competition singing where she sang
not only;y did she surprise the audience but also she surprised her self because she never used top sing in choirs or other schools activities like competition
so as the quote says ‘you may think you know your limits but u don’t !your capable of far more than you realize’ there is an other which says ‘follow your passion and wait for success to follow you’
OK buddies ,i end by here
see you soon if possible read more


Queen is the female ruler of an independent
If i were a Queen .I would wake up and clean myself with a blue towel and wash my body with an expensive soap and wear the expensive clothes
I would go down stairs to get break fast with my family and my friend .my break fast would be wine,tea and strawberries
I would call my best friend careen and i tell her how i am proud for that day.
i would go in shop with my dad my mom and my friend to buy every thing i wish like, red shoes.
i would buy a car for my family and i would buy mine too.
i would go any where i didn’t go in RWANDA such as Gisenyi,and Mulindi.
i would share with others the dinner .
i would eat my favorite food like ugali chips and rice.
i would organize a party in the Rwandan stadium where all Rwandan will be there and they could call for them the best artist like Danny nanone,G Bruce and Danny Vumbi.
i would organize the party at home with my family and my friends like classmates,and i would call my favorite artist like Christopher.
i would invite my neighbors to come and enjoy that party with me
i would take a photo as a souvenir for that day.
i would sleep exactly at 12:00 pm when the day is finishing off. read more

what would you do if you were king or queen for a day

If i were queen in 24 hours,i would do many things and they can be successful.these things include the following
First hour,i would assemble people to thank them for their trust and request them to work with me this day and there mustn’t be an overhead kingdom by accepting and doing my orders.I would like to understand their problems and where they work well politically,economically and socially so that i can get a start.
Then,i would provide food for everyone especially peasants so that they can work well and moral,there must be people who didn’t eat for like three days and today,they have a chance of having food which can’t be wasted.
I can teach them to conserve food well because it is important for future needs.
I shall promote schools,and orphans by giving them basic needs so that children or any other people who wants to study,to fell loved and free loved and free to express his/her feelings in the country.
Teach parents that their children are tomorrow’s future,girl’s right should be promoted by gender balance in politics.boys shouldn’t go to school alone while girls are working.they must work and go to school together.
Find a project for street kids,some of them are creative and can be very useful to the country and it’s my responsibility to satisfy everyone.street kids must also be cared for and loved.
Promote strong army for defense and expansion,strong army to protect the country or kingdom should be established for more insurance of security.
Promoting justice,remove corruptions like people who don’t provide justice and put innovated ones there must also be abolition of classes so that people can get same rights and feel free to talk or work together.
All these things can be done in eighteen hours.At the 20th hour,i would create a ceremony to celebrate the innovation and success that we made in our hard working.There could be children or people who never got freedom to do anything and this can be their chance to relax,make friends,have fun and eat.I would become friends with citizens because it is the best thing a king or queen can ever do for his/her citizens,with friendship ll things are possible.
I would go out with my friends and relatives,for shopping,watching TV and get all the enjoyment of life because they sayI would go to best places ever and realize every dream i had of going to many places.then,I would return in the ceremony remaining one hour.I would take pictures of every enjoyment i made i had to keep it as remembrance of that i was once a queen.
I would ask a word and say
I believe that this day can become unforgettable for me,for every one and for God.The last 5 minutes,i would sit down on a big bed of a real queen with a crown on my head and think of how this day was,what i did and watching all pictures i took,till i sleep.
Written by Igiraneza Henriette Noellah read more


i salute you
the world is a liabrary we don’t choose what to read but we choose a lesson and knowing that proper preparatiopn prevents poor may be confused of what i mean .here i mean that if i had that chance of being a king or queen ,i wouldn’t just spend all the twenty four hours in eating or drinking although they can not be left behind since it could be the only chance in life .
oh what a wonderful chance in life!!!!anyway i would firstly thank god god for the great opportunity i would have received from him through all communicating instruments to show the world that king or queen so and so has ever existed.after that i would walk around the palace checking each everything that is fund in it
politically ,i would change some rules and regulations as anew queen for the palace ,giving freedom and rights the people in the palace ,enforcing rules for those who use violence making sure that weak leaders are replaced by strong leaders who will emphasize the citizens to work hard for themselves and the palace in general
economically,i would solve all the problems concerning poverty by providing food and clothing to the poor people including orphans and widowers that i would have found in the palace. after all these i would call all the people with the palace fr a party mostly beautiful girls in need of a woman to be my queen or man to be the queen’s husband and after the part i enjoy with my queen or husband
enjoyment, i would call all my family members ,friends and relatives for a special party out of the palace and we chill ,eat ,drink, and have fun for all kinds .from that party would go for shopping every kind of clothes and shoes that i felt having before being a king or queen and others that could be looking better for a king or queen making people understand what it means by being a king or queen from there i would finally go to a best place in the whole world and finish all the remaining hours with my queen or husband eating,drinking and getting pictures for the memory. read more


by the time they told me this motion ,i was already searching for points because you just can’t imagine the way it is interesting
so the question is ‘what would you do if you were king or a queen for a day’ well for me i think it would be the best day of my life and it would be very fantaglumorous and jubilistic!!!!!
first of all and most importantly i would encourage people to have freedom of speech because with that i would know what they really think of the country and what they think we can do to develop it
secondly i would change the education system of RWANDA from western to Cambridge which actually many students claim for!!!!
i would also incourage creativity especially in youth or what we call TEENAGERS which would decrease the number of unemployed people just as people who created FACEBOOK ,WHATS APP ,INSTAGRAM ,TWITTER and so on got many followers and much money just because of their creativity.
FINALLY THE BEST PART , i would throw a party in my palace where i would wear the best dress made by the most incredible and famous designer ,i would wear the greatest high heels ever on earth and invite my friends ,family,and many other the best part is i would tell my physics,biology,geography and entrepreneurship teacher to sing for me which would be funny because all of them have bad voices and i would tell my dad to wear as Chris brown and dance the way Chris brown does and also tell my mom to wear as Nicki minaj and sing the way Nicki minaj do!!! and there i would die of laughter because my mom is always at church praying and she hates Nicki minaj and my dad doesn’t even know who Chris brown is !!!
IN THE END, i would this day unforgettable for me,my family,my friends,my school and the country at large.
thank you, this was presented by HIRWA Kelly Jessica, ,FAWE GIRLS’ SCHOOL,GRADE 9,FOM THE VOCIFEROUS GIRLS! read more

if you were a king or queen for a day

When I read this title,the first thing that flashed into my mind was shopping.I would get all the fancy clothes and shoes from the number one best classy shop in the country.Oooh am getting butterflies in my tummy just by the thought of it,you know,the anticipation!!! read more

what would you do if you were king or queen for a day

None can miss or lack what to do clasping an opportunity like this one.But one of the quickest thing that can come in my mind is having fun and enjoy myself.
First thing in the morning I would implement a law about education.Establishing an education system which blocks no one’s abilities but empowers everyone especially girls and have an impeccable confidence to outstretch their potential.I would emphasize on the social outcast,tell them that they are tomorrow leaders.The change I’m talking about is not the one which destroys what was built but which widens them up ahead with an assuming bright out come.
I would then encourage my citizens to be proactive creative and co-operate with each other so as to improve their standards of living.Show them the importance of expressing one’s feelings and the freedom of speech.
Secondly,i would go to school tell our matron to clear the dormitories up and down,in all corners not also forgetting to tell them to fetch water in all students’ buckets.After that I would then tell my teachers to write all notes for me and all drawings.I would also order some of them to sing for i know that some can even make a baby cry while he/she was asleep and dance for me like cartoons!
Lastly,i would visit every corner of my palace and seeing its luxuriant garden if it’s there of course and sit under the shade of the trees writing every detail of what happened on this incomparable day in my diary and enjoy with the few minutes left wearing the crown. read more

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