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King for a Day

If i were king for a day, I would force all Captain Dusty’s ice cream shops to stay open 24/7 and then give them 1 billion dollars. If i gave Captain Dusty’s 1 billion dollars then they would expand into malls so they would be open all the time. All people will experience the joy of a scoop of vanilla ice cream with mint oreo and butterscotch as the flavors of the moment. I would make every supermarket have a side shop selling fruit freezes and sorbe flurries.
If I were king for a day, everybody would be eating the new sno cone addition to the captain dusty’s board made with snow from all of Massachusetts in an effort to find a way to get rid of all this snow. Ty and Patrick would be enjoying chocolate and mayne black bear even if it was below 0 degrees outside.
There would be a monument in the name of Captain Dusty, the fisherman who died and almost immediately had an ice cream shop made in his name (or nickname). You can still see his shed where he kept his fishing supplies behind the Manchester and original Captain Dusty’s. read more

King For The Day

If I were king for the day, I would let everyone have one wish. They could have anything. I chose this because everyone deserves to get and have one thing they have been dreaming for their entire lives. Even People who have nothing, they are homeless, they have no money, they could wish for anything.
People could have anything. For example, If you are homeless and poor, you could wish for a house, for money. Or, if you want to help the world, you want the world to be a good world, no bad guys, you could wish for world peace. You could wish for time travel to visit your loved ones in the past of the future. Anything you want.
On the day before, you don’t go to school, you have a free day to think of your wish. Then on the day this takes place, you get to wish what you want. I think this is a good idea because people can get anything. To see their family. To get money for poor people. Make everyone in the world happy.
People can only wish for good things. If they wish for something bad, it doesn’t happen and they lose their wish. Only good things can happen, and everyone is happy, no one can be sad. read more


If I were the king of the world for the day I would talk to all airports saying to double the amounts of flight for the next 3 days and I would tell them that all of the flights should be free of charge. Then I would tell people all over the world that this is a time that people can go and visit their relives. I would also make sure that all work places and schools/universities around the globe would be closed so that no one misses out on any important things going on at their office.
The goal of this task is to relive people of stress so they can go see their family and that would hopefully make them happy. For example, a boy that might be college in Portland Oregon but his family lives on the other side of the globe so it is very unlikely for the family to be together often. This would make it a great opportunity for the family to spend a few days together.
In the end there is one small problem with my plan is that what about the people that have to work on the days that they should be going to see their families like police officers, firemen and the pilots flying the plans. My solution for this problem would be shifts long enough for the firemen and police men to travel on a plan a visit their family. When it comes to the pilots during the three days off from all work all flights would be cancelled the second day so pilots can fly themselves to their families.
I think that people all over the world would be overjoyed by this experienced because you do not get to see your family very often and when you do everyone is caught up in black Friday putting a dimmer on the family vacation. When instead be having a great time playing board games, watching movies, playing sports outside with your family.
In conclusion, I hope that on this day I can make people happy without having to pay money because money can not and ill not ever be able to buy happiness. Its what you do with yourself and loved ones that puts a big smile on your face. read more

King for a Day

If i was king for a day, I would make the day I was king on Geek day. It would be in England 2015 on a Friday. Imagine looking out your bedroom window and seeing wizards on broomsticks, and people in ghostbuster uniforms chasing level 4 full roaming vapors. A pack of dinosaurs sprint out of the forest and roam around the fields. A squadron of X-wing star fighters streak across the sky. You get around in either a Tardis, or a Jaeger. All regular cars, buses, or any other vehicle are either gone, or turned into a Delorean. People with diamond pick axes are to the left of the street mining away at a mountain. You see lightsabers, PKE meters, or wizard staffs are in peoples hands. Some people walk down the street, but are dressed as stormtroopers. You see batman on the roof of a building, spiderman swing past you on a web, and you also see people on hover boards float past you. As the grown-ups groan because they have to go to work, they smile because they remember they don’t have work today since it is a national holiday. The holiday was made by the vice president, Stan Lee. Parents and other grown-ups can just admire the glory, become a ghostbuster, a stormtrooper, or a superhero that they made up. At the end of the day, I make a giant water show and light show to end of the greatest day of the year. read more

King for a Day

If I were king for the day I would make everyone get rid of as much snow as they could. Everyone would stay awake for twenty-four hours that day. That would allow maximum snow removal. You can get rid of the snow any way you want. You could through it in the ocean, melt it or sell it to people in areas where they don’t get snow. You could even eat the snow. read more

King for a Day

If I were king for a day I would do many things. But the one I think I would do first is make there be world peace for a day. World peace is a big problem today. They’re so many wars and conflicts going on right now. If there was world peace for a day there would be none of this. People would just judge people on there personality, not what their religious beliefs are, what they look like, etc. read more

If I Were King for the Day

If I were King for the day, I would take over Italy. I would head South of Florence to enjoy the warm weather. I would also love to drive a Ferrari. I would also make sure that everyone would get pizza and spaghetti which happen to be two of my favorite foods. Nobody would ever go hungry while I was King, and everyone would always be happy. I would get rid of all of the Lamborghini’s and I would change its name to Lameboringini. I think that the Ferrari is a much better car. I would love to be able to race for Ferrari. In conclusion, if I were King for the day, I would take over Italy for the most important reasons….spaghetti and pizza! read more

Queen for the Day

If I were Queen for the day, I would have the most meaningful day ever. This special event would not only win me gratitude, but if would also win a person or family back their saddest day. My idea is that everyone who’s most special deceased loved ones would come back from the dead (not like a zombie but as a friend or parent) I would choose this because my parents I know were very sad and would do anything to get back their parents. My mother has had dreams of seeing her mother. She constantly talks about how much she would have liked to meet us.
I know that when you lose someone you love, you will never get back that person that once loved you with all of their life. YOu loved them enough to sit by them while they were in times of need.
You would know that when this day came you would lose all of the regrets about that person. My mother would be so grateful if she got her mother back. It would probably be more happy than her wedding day. On this day everyone would forget about their problems for the moment. They would only focus on that person that they haven’t seen for so long.
I think that this would be a good idea because everyone would forget their troubles. They would see their loved ones again. The people that treated them in that time of need. This would be the most special part of my life because, I want to see my mom’s reaction when she sees her mother. read more


The sweaty ball, being constantly thrashed against the freshly polished floor like a hammer striking a nail.

The player flees from the defender, then ferociously darts to the basket;
the crowd goes silent, all that can be heard is the strained breath of the players. read more

Everything happening for a reason?

Do you think everything happens for a reason? I don’t. I think it is all random. All the bad things that happen in the world, what are they for? Do they happen for a reason? I don’t think so. Everything we do happens. It’s all random. Everything isn’t meant to happen in my eyes. Is it for you? read more

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