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Month: December 2014

Love? Maybe. Book Review

Love? Maybe.
Heather Hepler

Love? Maybe. a realistic fiction book by Heather Hepler, is a heart wrenching story about 15 year old Piper and her quest to find love. Piper lives with her younger brother, younger sister and her single mom. Even though her birthday is on Valentines Day, she is not the romantic type. She has seen two fathers leave, and is tired of broken hearts. Piper and her two friends decide to find love- which according to Jillian they can’t be without. Sticking together through thick and thin the three best friends try to create a love potion. Between working at the candy store, going to school, taking care of her two younger siblings, and even being on the news, Piper and her friends have a lot to handle- so will they be able to do it? I liked this book because I thought it was a realistic story and had a great concept. The way that the characters worked together and how they disagreed brought the book to a whole new level. It gave a really good message on how to not judge a book by its cover and that you also can’t rush love. I think others would love this book because of the message it gives and the amazing writing. I hope you read it and if you do enjoy! read more

Guide To NOT Reading: Book Review

Charlie Joe Jackson’s Guide To NOT Reading by Tommy Greenwald is about a boy named Charlie who faces the possibly worst time of his life! Although he gets rid of one thing he hates the most reading. He buys his friend Timmy Ice cream sandwiches so he will read the book for him with notes so he doesn’t have to read at all, but, throughout the book some bad things happen to Charlie. He get caught, accidentally gets his friend Timmy out of a chance to play for a the AllStars lacrosse league, Along with many other things that made his life a lot worse than it needed to be. I liked this book because someone was suffering besides me, because I LIVE with my sister. I also really recommend this book because people can learn helpful tips to get out of reading, like watching the movie, reading the back cover and many other helpful elements. Watch the movie (if there is one) to find out more. (or if you like to punish yourself read the book) read more

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