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The Empty Parking Spot

I laid recycled cardboard, duct tape, and used springs out on the playroom floor. Oey should be here any minute. She said she would arrive by 10:30, but it’s already 10:31. Too impatient to wait in one place any longer, I go downstairs, out the front door, and sit on our front stoop. 10:32. 10:33. She is still not here. Has something happened to her? 10:34. read more

Story of My Life

I shot out of my mother like an aerodynamic football
I had big toes like Cheetos
My head was squishy and my heart was beating

At twelve years old I attended Brookwood School with Richard Nixon
I embraced and loved all the classes especially sixth grade history
In eighth grade I ate a kid died from a sailing purple Kielbasa #death
He went to heaven in a knot with pork juice read more

No Title

My heart loves Richard Nixon
Purple heart juice tastes like my mothers toes
Embrace Richard Nixon and his squishy aerodynamic Cheetos
Brookwood is heaven and Richard Nixon is kielbasa love.
Sail down the path of Richard Nixon til death
Richard Nixon is my mother’s favorite football player. He’s ties pork in knots to show love for my mother.
Praise Richard read more

Hashtag Brookwood

Hashtag Brookwood

There once was a squishy heart
With no toes
Who fell in love with purple Cheetos
Richard Nixon who was very aerodynamic
Drank some juice, ate some pork, and listened to the song sail in a panic
He embraced his mother and tied the knot with Kielbasa
He felt his hate for football and shavassana
And after his death he went to heaven read more

Review: The House of Hades


The House of Hades is a book about teamwork and sacrifices. Two characters have fallen into Tartarus. A world of hunger, despair, and death. They both have to find their way through Tartarus together in order to save their friends and family, plus the world itself. You might not believe this, but the person behind all of this is Gaea. Or as you might know her, Mother Earth. On the other side, the rest of the team is above ground, finding their way to Epirus, Greece, in order to stop monsters from returning from Tartarus, by closing the Doors of Death. But this is only half of their quest, a half that leads to the success, or end, of the world as we know it. There’s a very high chance they won’t succeed, but the seven demigods have accepted the challenge and they can’t go back now. read more

First Place Winner! Deathgate

Richard Nixon eats his Cheetos,
As he awaits his death,
And his trip to heaven.
His toes, purple with love,
Are squishy.
The sail of his heart, was filled with hate.
Hashtag aerodynamic
The kielbasa, juice, and pork,
His mother had made him for dinner,
Was not enough to tie off the knot left in his stomach.
He would always remember the embraces
With his football teammates at Brookwood School
Those are the memories that would stick with him
As he slowly wilts away,
deathgate. read more

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