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The Coin


The coin is flicked up,
it lands back to the mans hand,
“Your time is up friend.”

A Spooky Haiku

He’s coming for you
You better lock all your doors
I’ts too late

The Night

Black cats purr softly
Owls cooing in the dark
The night is upon us

My Cat


Night is falling fast
The wind howls past the river
Where your limp body rests.


Blood is Dripping Down
Death in the Air Haunting Me
Why Me, Why Me, Why?

Spuki Haikus!


A Chilling Challenge: Write a deliciously dangerous Halloween haiku! Like this….

The squeals of children
Keep my ears from noticing
Rustling in the woods. read more

Lily pads


I got the inspiration for this painting when I was doing an art assignment that reminded me of Monet’s “Water Lilies” painting.
This painting is made of acrylic paint and canvas paper. read more

Future Movies Beware; Avatar is Loose!

Movie Review: “Avatar”: Directed by James Cameron

This movie is a roadblock to my words. It literally left me speechless. The special effects are the best in any major picture film. Brush aside the intermediate acting and you have a visual masterpiece. In fact, about half the time I forgot the Na’vi were animations. read more


Laughter erupted from the court. A beautiful day! The beautiful sun shined down on the beautiful grass letting beautiful rays of color shoot out from the beautiful morning dew. A beautiful day indeed, perfect for a basketball game. Squirrel and Duck Junior were captains. They happened to be part of the jock crowd. Our friend Turtle, was not. Loads of kids waited to be picked from the large draft, but if you’re like Turtle, its something like this: You wait a bit, and a little bit more and even a little longer. In fact you wait so long that you never get picked. read more


locked behind
that reaches
above the

where shadows
parched ground

barbed wire
innocent skin;
and guns
escape read more

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