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Gratitude Quilt Captures the Spirit of Thanksgiving


Every Friday PreK meets with our fourth grade buddies, and at our recent gathering we read Those Shoes by Maribeth Boelts. This is a story about a little boy who learns about appreciating things that he has (a loving grandmother, a good friend, warm boots) and knowing that those things are more valuable than things that he wants (expensive new black high tops).

The story inspired conversation about things that WE are grateful for – and that was the beginning of the gratitude quilt. The Pre-Kindergartners and fourth graders made drawings, paintings, or collages on white squares that describe something they are grateful for. “I am thankful for my friends.” “I am thankful for my education.” “I am grateful for nature.” “I am grateful for my family.”

We have posted their squares in the Crate Family Town Square and invite the rest of the Brookwood community to add to our beautiful Gratitude Quilt.

– Karen Shorr
Pre-Kindergarten Teacher


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