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Brookwood Goes GaGa


Anyone who’s in the know about what’s happening during recess at Brookwood has heard there’s a new game on  campus. Brookwood recently installed a GaGa pit for all students to use during Physical Education classes, After-school classes, and Recess. Physical Education Coordinator Bill Schneider gives highlights of the new game that’s all the rage and is now a hit at Brookwood as well.

Tell us about GaGa ball.
GaGa is a dodge ball type game played in a three-foot high octagon enclosure. It’s played inside the pit with a lightweight inflated rubber ball. It’s a fun game that all ages can play and enjoy.

Where did GaGa originate?
GaGa was created in Israel and has slowly made its way around the world. I believe GaGa is a recreational game played in many countries.

gaga-01For children, what sorts of skills are developed through a game of GaGa Ball?
Dodging, striking with open or closed hand, cardiovascular endurance, and lateral movement, are all skills players acquire through playing GaGa Ball.

How are Brookwood students reacting to GaGa Ball?
GaGa has been a huge hit at Brookwood. Many of our students have played outside of school in various places like summer camps and town parks, so they were already familiar with the game and eager to play here. We introduced the game during PE classes and recently opened the pit up for recess. So far, every recess has had a large number of students playing GaGa.

How is the game played? What are the basic rules of GaGa?
Like I said, the game is somewhat like dodge ball and players are trying not to be touched by a ball that is hit toward them by another player. The rules we follow are very simple:

  • All players begin the game standing in the pit together;
  • The game starts with all players standing against the wall. The ball is thrown into play as the players chant “Ga! Ga!” and the game begins;
  • The ball must be hit with an open or closed hand;
  • No player can hit the ball twice in a row or he/she is out;
  • If a player is hit by the ball below the knee that player is eliminated from the game and leaves the pit for the duration of that game;
  • If a player hits the ball out of the pit, he or she is eliminated and has to leave the pit for the duration of the game;
  • The game is over when only one player remains in the GaGa pit.

– Bill Schneider
Physical Education Department Coordinator


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