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Rare warbler makes an appearance in third grade

Editor’s note: Sometimes, as Grade 3 students in Jen Cunningham-Butler’s class learned this week, members of the outdoor classroom try to come indoors! Jen’s note sharing the news with the Brookwood community tells of a rare Nashville warbler that hit the classroom window last week, but fortunately survived the ordeal. Students in the class are now discussing and working on solving the problems windows present to our feathered friends.



Jen’s interaction with the Nashville Warble (left to right):
“A bit stunned; Resting but okay; Ready to fly.”






Hello All,

Check out the attached photos. Tgrade3-birdhis gorgeous female Nashville Warbler hit our 3A window yesterday. Her wing was bent as she sprawled below the window, so I picked her up and gave her a safe perch until she recovered and flew off. Snapped these pics as I held her in one hand.

Positive ID had been confirmed by two reliable sources, and I sent it to Ipswich wildlife as well (probable that she was a first-year female).

My students noticed many identifying markers this morning and also picked out Nashville while scrolling through warblers related to the more often-seen yellow warbler on the Cornell site. They are now trying to problem-solve window strikes.

Beauty is certainly all around us, sometimes hidden like famously shy warblers. And of course, beauty is best enjoyed when shared 🙂


P.S. Cool note is that we are in the migration path. These warblers are on their way south from Canada. This was a rare find!


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