Welcome to Brookwood School’s Mountain Hiking Blog! Between May 21 and 25, a group of Brookwood students in Grades 6 – 8 accepted the challenge to conquer three mountains.  Most of them are doing this type of hiking for the very first time.

We had three primary goals for this week’s hiking experiences…

  • Face the rigorous physical and mental challenges of strenuous hiking and experience the great rewards by doing so
  • Learn the essentials of proper planning for mountain day hikes, as well as the safe execution of such hikes.  This includes some basic first aid!
  • Learn some aspects of the flora and fauna of New England mountains e.g. bird calls & sightings, red squirrels, fungi (Indian pipes!), clubmosses, lichen, fir and deciduous plants, as well as some of the lore and tales associated with the flora and fauna

On this blog, each student will document his or her own hiking experiences with reflections, photos and descriptions of the hikes.  We welcome reader’s comments and invite your support!  (Note: All comments will remain private until reviewed and approved by Mr. Fodeman.)

Doug Fodeman
Mike Wellington
Bill Schneider
(Steep Week Project Leaders)


2 Responses to Welcome

  1. Tracy Stickney says:

    Leaders, I cannot thank you enough- you have given our children a platform on which to challenge themselves beyond what they every thought possible. You helped them find a curiosity for the mountains and hiking and also the drive kids to push themselves outside of their comfort zones. They are so lucky to have such amazing people in their lives. Thank you so much for an wonderful week of growth. I believe that this is what Barb Liston’s vision was when she created Steep Week!

    • heronbkwd says:

      Thank you for your kind words, Tracy. It was a pleasure working with this group of students!

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